Experience in the use of Collamask

The story of his transformation to share with us Josefine from the city of Aalborg (Danmark). The woman said that after rapid weight loss, the skin condition worsened, and mask Collamask could return to its former youth and beauty.

I always looked good and especially do not think that it will not always. Many of my friends asked how I manage to keep the youthful skin of the face, neck and décolleté, but I never imagined that this must somehow to care. The skin is always supple, nourished and smooth. But what happened to her, after my rapid weight loss had left me in shock.

As excessive weight and fast weight loss cause a worsening of my skin

Anyway, when I got pregnant, gained 18 pounds. The extra weight does not frighten me, because it seemed to me that I am not obese. I was sure that are written will remain in the hospital. However, not everything turned out as I thought. To live with the extra weight I was not going, so I decided to stop breastfeeding and to urgently engage in their own forms. Competent gradual weight loss was not for me, because I'm for the beach season, it is necessary to Shine in a bathing suit. Anyway, I sat on a solid diet and began to exhaust itself with trainings.

As the barbaric methods really gave the result: the body quickly to become fit and the fat melted before our eyes. However, the skin of the person I fell, the outline does not become clear, nasolabial folds are very pronounced, there are wrinkles. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was just hysterical. The husband supported as I could, a friend, is also convinced that with time it will all be updated, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and to not be upset over nothing. Of course, I tried to believe that is the best, but at the same time to save money for a facelift.

The face mask Collamask a lifeline for women with wrinkles and sagging skin

Another year passed, and I realized that waiting doesn't make sense anymore. Went to the plastic surgeon, who almost laughed me in the face and sent for consultation to the beautician. The specialist examined me and suggested to use the cream Collamaskto do special exercises and less to let emotions affect a person. I categorically do not agree on such recommendations, insisted to make the beauty shots, chemical peels and any aggressive treatments, but the esthetician suggested I still take the time to give a chance Collamaskand in a month, if I will not satisfied, then the course of treatments for rejuvenation.

Beautician assured me that many of its customers are satisfied with this cream, which I agreed. Came home, not very happy, but the cream is immediately to be hit. Even when after one use, I noticed a change on me as the wings have grown behind. In Principle, at the end of the month I was delighted: the person has become younger, facial contours become clear, the wrinkles disappeared, the skin became taut, radiant and supple. I only regret that you waited a year – if I went to a specialist earlier, he will not spend for nothing a lot of time and nerve cells.

Experience in the use of face masks Collamask

Friends are to know what kind of treatments I did. At first they do not believe in such an incredible force of a simple cream, but then I decided to buy you. Now all the house has Collamask. In the cosmetic salon I came, but not to any drastic procedures, but to thank them for an excellent recipe for rejuvenation and for to be convinced to not do unnecessary surgery. Now I'm happy to look at myself in the mirror and suggest to all women miracle cream Collamask.