Face care – how to care for your skin

For each and every woman and person of the care is a ritual whose significance cannot be overstated. Even a minimal and simple to care the skin of the person will bear fruit, allowing you to save youth and beauty for years to come.

The skin is healthy, you don't have to regularly visit the specialty shops. There are a lot of recipes that will ensure an incredible result. Also, it is not always necessary to buy expensive grooming products for the face. You need to understand that regular Facials and the right approach to business is the key for a perfect and healthy skin.

If you would like to make a system for the protection and improvement of the condition of your skin, read this article till the end! We are going to reveal all of the secrets and practices that will help you to improve your look.

Determined by the type of your skin


With the right campaign, for the care of the skin, a person should always start with defining your type. This is necessary in order to select the most appropriate methods and products. For example, the means for oily and dry skin, it will be a significant difference, and the wrong approach can lead to negative consequences. Especially if you are using a quick funds or special medications without the the foundation comply with the recommendations and instructions.

In both of these fields, and the home of the person in care, cosmetologists recommend that the right to choose your type of. In summary, there are four types:

  • Normal – supple, smooth leather with a matte frame. The wrinkles are almost invisible, and the pores are not expanded;
  • Fat, although on the oily clogged pores of sebum are acne and blackheads;
  • Dry is the most sensitive type. In the adolescent looks as normal, but with age, the skin becomes more tightened, anxious. It has been observed, and flaking, and excessive dryness;
  • Combined – this type is characterized by oiliness in the T-zone and dryness on the cheeks. To take care requires a special tool.

I can't remember, the exact definition of the type of the skin – the key to success in caring for children.

The foundation for the care of the skin of the face

It is almost impossible to provide adequate care for the person, regardless of age and characteristics. In the adolescence a lot of girls are prone to outbreaks of acne and pimples, but after 30 years of age, a list of home remedies for Facials, you will definitely be added to creams and tonics for the smoothing of the wrinkles.

Because of the condition to a great extent under the influence of the environment, and the environment, it is important for you to protect you from malicious key-factors: dust, exhaust fumes, UV rays. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that each and every week they have to perform a full set with a lot of different means, but the inclusion of a climate and environmentally friendly features will allow you to maintain a healthy balance of the skin.

All of the stages of the facial treatment, the beauticians were divided in 5 steps:

  • Cleaning;
  • Toning and moisturizing;
  • Care
  • Recovery and diet;
  • Additional resources (if needed).

Comply with each and every step is an important part of health care.


As a prerequisite for the daily facial care is cleansing, which allows you to clean your pores, eliminate excess sebum, micro-particles of dust, and so on. Regardless of the type, this procedure should be done in the morning and in the evening (before bed), it. Otherwise, even the most effective treatments for a person is not going to bring about the desired result. Just after cleaning your face, wash it with a gel or foam that you need to be the same as your guy.

Deep cleaning

In some cases, skin care will require more and more of the deep cleaning. This also applies to those with oily skin, although, occasionally, such a procedure needs to be run in a normal type. To do this, you need to use the peel. This approach will allow you to clean your pores, to remove dead skin cells, that may clog your pores. Scrubs is always applied to damp skin, and the procedure itself should not be more than 1 time per week.


Among the most important tips for care of the face, it can also be seen, and toning. This is a mandatory step to be carried out twice daily right after washing. Tonic is not only to help to gently cleanse the skin but also eliminates excess water and cleaning agents.

With the regular use of a tonic after washing your face, you can get rid of acne, rash, comedones, grease, and so on. It is important to use only those tonics or lotions that are suitable for a particular type.


Another optional procedure in the home to care for the skin is hydration. After cleaning, the skin needs additional moisture, it has to be done after every cleaning.

For Mature skin, it is better to give preference to integrated care, where the funds will have to not only hydrating, but nourishing effect. This will keep the elasticity of your skin. For young skin, as it can be made of the usual moisturizing gel. This will start to take care for the maintenance of a healthy state of affairs. I would like to highlight a moisturizing mask, which is the most effective.


Perhaps the most important step in the care of the skin, which can not be ignored. When choosing a protective day cream, it is not only important to consider the type of your skin and the environment. The reduction of the temperature outside, the more body fat you have to be the cream. In the summer, the best-fit and moisturizing gels.

If you are using the correct protective cream, and even a professional treatment at home is a simple process.

Did you know that it is a very popular procedure: biorevitalization eyes and biorevitalization his lips.

Nutrition and recovery

masks for the face

Some of the main tips for face care, it is also worth to be mentioned, and the nutrition of the skin. For this purpose, a mask and a nourishing cream for the face treatment. This procedure is done, preferably before going to bed. After 10-15 minutes, you will have to clean up any excess cream with a napkin, as it may lead to the formation of comedones.

Extra care

In addition, the use of various creams among the the tips for taking care of the skin, it can be found, and the use of masks. The advantage of it is a natural remedy. The ideal foods, such as egg yolk, sour cream, cucumber, aloe pulp, potatoes, etc. This mask should be applied for 10-15 minutes, then gently scrub the skin. It is not recommended to use the mask more often than 1 time per week.

How to properly take care of your skin, depending on the type of skin

It is important to understand that there is a certain length of time when the care of the skin of the person is necessary. It is a mistake to believe that a 25-30 years of age, skin maintenance, as well as in the course of this time period, women can no longer appear facial wrinkles. The selection of the right tools and all the necessary thing for person and the specific type is possible as long as possible to maintain its health, smoothness and silkiness.

To select the right tools, don't be so hard, most of the manufacturers indicate the age range in the guidelines. In General, it is important to understand that even if the correct care of a face with no make-up will be more useful than the over-use of a variety of means.

Care for normal skin

In this type, the proper care of your skin does not require special attention from the teacher. Enough to use the basic tools, let us not forget that the protection of the epidermis and, on occasion, to resort to the cleansing of the masks, or creams. Of course, in the morning you need to start by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Also, these treatments need to be repeated prior to going to bed.

Skin care for dry skin

Women of this type have to be especially careful about the choice of tools and to protect in General. Cleansing and tonics do you have to be aggressive. Also, the main feature of the health care cream for the face should be properly chosen basis. Fat-free cream will not work.

Special attention should be paid to the protection against the cold, UV and so on. In the winter, it is preferable to use a fatty cream, and the summer humidity.

A list of top 9 best oils for dry skin

If you have a dry skin, an effective facial skin care requires the use of a variety of different scents. In between all of the options you have are to give preference to the following types of oils:

  • Helichrysum;
  • Of Mandarin;
  • Evening Primrose;
  • Coconut;
  • Roses;
  • On, too;
  • Grape and apricot kernel.

Oils can be combined, but you don't need to be confused at a time are more than three types.

Take care of oily skin

A lot of women don't know how to care for a person with oily skin, use tonics with alcohol to degrease. This is a major mistake, as it can further aggravate the problem. All of the cream, you will need to pick up a fat-free basis. Also, once every 2 to 3 weeks, you need to use scrubs to clean your pores.

Take care of combination skin

Some of the main recommendations for people with this type, it is worth noting, only use the correct tool. You need to pick the creams and lotions for the combined type. In the event, between T-zone and cheeks, with a difference in the condition of the epidermis is too pronounced, then each site must use the proper tools. This option is more preferable as it takes into account the characteristics of the particular person.

Skin care for aging skin of the face and neck

After 35-40 years of age, the rules will be different. The plain water from the tap is not suitable for washing, because it is best to use a feet of water. As a cleanser it is best to use a lotion.

Scrubs with large particles, it is preferable not to use it, instead of doing this, is to use a less aggressive medication, and creams with a lifting effect.

Care folk remedies

Experts often recommend the use of natural means to care for your skin at home. This will not only save money, but to strictly control the composition of these assets, the election of all of the components individually. If you don't know where to start Facials, it is worth trying natural masks. The answer:

  • Gelatin;
  • Of honey;
  • Oats;
  • The juice of a lemon;
  • Bits;
  • Clay;
  • Chicken eggs

A few of the secrets of the aging of the skin

how to take care of the person

The condition of the epidermis with age it will get worse, because even the simple rules for the care of the skin and will help to keep it healthy and beautiful. Among the helpful hints about the person of concern has to be to give you a couple of recommendations:

  • Use natural lotions (especially the cucumber, tea, or oil, base;
  • On the face of the care, you have to use steam baths with herbs, (rosemary, chamomile, wormwood, yarrow, etc.);
  • Peel what you need to do is to frequently (1 to 3 times a week), but with the use of soft components.

To clean perfect cleanser with oatmeal.

The care of the skin around the eye area

The first rule of Facials back home after 30 years of age – do not use soap. Also, between the tip of the beauticians for facial care in home conditions it is necessary to emphasize the required use of creams or gels, with a lifting effect around the eye area.

Better to give preference to home remedies to take care of your skin, this is the perfect cucumber masks, oatmeal, and other ingredients. Remember that the skin around the eyes is many times thinner and more sensitive than the cheeks and other areas of the face. Since, in addition to the hours of the person for care in the home, it must be associated with a mild cleaning and moistening of the web site.

Masks for the face

Among the wealth of all the beauty products, the first thing that you need to take care of the skin of the face. They are the most effective way to clean, nourish and restore the skin. It is important to remember that this process is strictly impossible for it to be done too often. Enough to make the cover for the 1st time in 1 or 2 weeks.

In the face of skin care in cosmetic preparations are not always necessary. Very often, the quality of the cover you can make your own hands from simple ingredients.

9 of the rules for the care of the skin in the night.

In essence, the specific care of the skin on the face, it is necessary that women are the problem with the type. However, with simple tips to help you maintain the health and beauty of your skin:

  • In the evening, be sure to clean your skin on daily skin care and protection;
  • Night out make-up it is best to apply it the morning (the best in the 22.00-23.00);
  • It is better to use the cream;
  • It is better to sleep on your back, or use of an orthopedic pillow so as not to harm the epidermis in the course of the night;
  • The night time is the best for the nourishing and regenerating creams;
  • The use of a special serum after a peel will make the skin more smooth and fresh;
  • After 30 years of age, women are highly recommended to use a moisturizer with a high regeneration;
  • Apply a night cream and a gentle massage of the cheeks, the ears and forehead;
  • After 30 years of age, be sure to use a moisturizer on the skin around the eye area before going to bed.

The most important rule in skin care is to be given only what she asks! If your skin is getting enough power, it's not worth overdoing, leave it alone. Identify your type and follow the main stages of development of a person's care.