Laser facial rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation fractional

For the happiness of every girl that wants to adjust their appearance, the cosmetology industry is constantly evolving, inventing new ways to restore the beauty. Now ladies who want to eliminate the signs of aging and strengthen the oval of the face, it is not necessary to go under the surgeon's knife. You can do one of the procedures for the non-surgical method of rejuvenation. A lot of them: mesotherapy and other therapies, Botox injections and Thermage... Today we will talk about the most popular of these methods: laser facial rejuvenation. Namely, how it happens, how are people who are and who are not allowed, and other important nuances.

fractional rejuvenation

Fractional laser rejuvenation

Fractional laser facial rejuvenation – one of the latest developments in the field of cosmetology. It is built on the basis of the fact that over time the cells begin to work less and then die. As you know, which leads to loss of collagen and elastin and, as a consequence of dryness, sagging and aging skin.

Laser allows to correct a course: under the influence of the fabric is heat shock, which is outside of the cell leads to the ultimate destruction, and the healthy makes it difficult to share, make up for the losses. Cells as would be awakened, and the synthesis of elastin and collagen goes much faster.

The procedure took place with minimal damage to the face, the laser beam is divided into a few slender rays that form a kind of network, i.e. the part – hence the name. Depending on the desired effect, the age and condition of the skin of the patient, the master can control the depth of penetration of the laser and its temperature.

Ablative laser skin resurfacing is done with the help of a special laser, which affects not only deep, but also superficial layers. The intervention uses fractional erbium laser, which only works with the deep layers of the skin, without damaging the external parts.

What is the best option to choose taking into account the individual approach will be advised by the beautician.

In General, the fractional rejuvenation is able to:

  • to remove the traces of acne, scars and spider veins;
  • reduce the pores and lighten pigmentation spots;
  • to make the skin more elastic and firm;
  • to tighten facial contours and smooth out wrinkles;
  • to improve the color of the skin.

Of course, there are contraindications for this procedure. Among them any inflammation on the face, infectious diseases, epilepsy, psoriasis, malignant tumors, pregnancy.

The session lasts around one hour. Before the intervention, the skin is cleansed from the dust and cosmetics and applied gel for anesthesia, because the procedure is painful. At the end of the person is treated with soothing cream. The rehabilitation lasts up to two weeks. Full course - from one to three visits.

Laser biorevitalization

This is still fairly new and very popular type of laser facial rejuvenation. This biorevitalization without injections was developed and first tested in Germany. Be used for a special kind of laser – infrared-intensive, it is also known as cold.

Before the laser exposure of the desired areas of the skin smeared with a special acid, and after the laser opens the transport channels, it falls in the deep layers of tissue and evenly distributed there.

laser hair rejuvenation

The person is not heated, the pain is not, and after the completion of the procedure, the skin is not scaly and are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, whereby the laser biorevitalization can be done at any time of the year. In addition, it can affect even the delicate skin around the eyes..

Mainly because of this, non-surgical method of rejuvenation has received numerous positive reviews.

In the list of contraindications for this procedure, pregnancy, lactation, presence of malignant or benign tumors, allergies to hyaluronic acid, a serious hypertension, and problems with the cardiovascular system, blood diseases, tuberculosis, epilepsy, infectious diseases and diseases of the skin in the acute phase.

The effect of laser biorevitalisation is:

  • cells saturated with moisture;
  • smooths the relief and the complexion;
  • the skin becomes more elastic and firm;
  • aktiviziruyutsya metabolic processes in the tissues;
  • small wrinkles smooth.

The procedure is this: first, the aesthetician cleanses the face and puts on a mixture of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Then it starts only the exposure by the laser, and then make the mask, extending the effect of a special gel.

As such, the rehabilitation period is not required. After biorevitalisation just need to drink more pure water and do not forget to moisturize the skin.

The entire course is 7-10 procedures.

Laser dermabrasion

It is also called laser peeling or laser resurfacing.

This is quite a serious procedure, preparation for which is better to start early. For one month before it is advisable not to drink contraceptives, as they hold the water in the body and can cause pigmentation.

You also need to use a glycolic or a special cream to rid the skin of dead cells and facilitate the penetration of the laser into the tissue. For the other shades, depending on individual skin characteristics, the consultation will tell beautician.

Laser dermabrasion allows you to:

  • to get rid of scars, spider veins, acne;
  • to remove freckles and age spots, sunburn;
  • to normalize skin oiliness and tighten pores;
  • to smooth out wrinkles and strengthen the skin;
  • to remove dark circles under the eyes.

Among the contraindications for this – poor blood clotting, diabetes, purulent and inflammatory diseases of the skin, problems with heart and kidney problems, tuberculosis, epilepsy, predisposition to keloid scars, pregnancy and lactation.

beautiful skin

It is an aggressive procedure that requires anesthesia. Within two weeks after the completion of the procedure, the face looks red, inflamed and painful. Then it is covered with a dense crust, which gradually disappears, the recovery of the skin. In that time, not the use of peels and scrubs, tanning, steam room and sauna, beaches. It is also very important to protect your face from the sun and moisturize it in a timely manner.

But the effect of the laser peel takes about five years.