Methods for rejuvenation of the skin

Every woman wants to see herself in the mirror young, happy and beautiful. This desire is naturally for everyone, as well as natural age-related changes in the female appearance. Negative factors of the environment are bad for the healthy skin. In addition, the skin loses its natural collagen, which gives it smoothness and elasticity. With age, also decreases the skin's ability to upgrade in the inside of the cells, the metabolism slows down, hormonal changes.

rejuvenation of the skin

This is a natural aging factors, they are joined by poor diet, abuse of cosmetics and excessive tanning, some bad habits. As a result, wrinkles, folds, skin loses its elasticity, facial contours become less clear.

Most women at an early age to begin to fight with the aging of the skin. In any shop for cosmetics can be found for every taste means from wrinkles, for the young women. These can be creams, oils, serums, masks, etc. proper skin care can protect against dryness, UV rays and other negative factors, and how care is needed for each girl. But, it is unlikely he will cope with a dramatically aging – wrinkles, dry skin, etc.

However, do not worry. Instead, look at what in our time has the progress in the field of cosmetology, which will help women to look a little younger than his years.

Methods for rejuvenation of the skin

To date, there are two main methods of surgical and injection treatments. Both equally help to get rid of wrinkles and to smooth facial contours, remove wrinkles.

Operating method – a radical decision for any woman, it is used when expressed age-related changes. Plastic surgery is a serious operation lasting several hours and is performed under General anesthesia. This method involves a long recovery, as well as the person a few weeks the swelling persists.

skin rejuvenation salon

"The injection of rejuvenation", "injections of youth" - implies the introduction of the drug into the skin with a needle. This method allows larger without surgical intervention for about an hour, to become much younger. This procedure is simple and easy, does not require a lot of time, General anesthesia and a long recovery.

Which option to choose, to decide a woman, the main thing that this choice was intentional. You need to gather more information and consult a professional cosmetologist.

It is possible that the injection of various anti-aging medicines and surgery, the women absolutely do not need. Maybe in our life, it is enough to follow a few simple rules – good diet, fresh air, moderate exercise and radical methods of rejuvenation may not be necessary.