Rejuvenation of neck and décolleté: methods

Skin care is the primary goal of everyone who cares about the condition of the body. As a rule, women pay attention to the face and hands, décolleté and neck are in the penultimate place. But, it is precisely these areas need to pay attention as well as to rejuvenate the skin of the neck and chest area? There is a lack of sebaceous glands and subcutaneous fat, which contributes to increasing the dryness and fast aging. In this case, even the most expensive creams are not necessarily absolute. For guaranteed results it is necessary to conduct the complex of special procedures.

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Cool water after waking up – what you need for healthy skin in the chest area and neck. You also need to treat these places with plant extracts, natural cream or cosmetic milk. Lotion, alcohol-free, provides additional vitality, purity and sense of recovery, for the rest of the day.

Evening procedure

Cleaning before bedtime is very important – it allows you to quickly and reliably get rid of the accumulated dirt. So it should give at least a few minutes. This will require a high quality of specialized gels, mousses and lotions.


Two or three times a week is necessary to perform this procedure. It is compatible with the cleaning while taking a shower. A great option cosmetics that contain fruit acids or cream-gommage. These funds gently eliminates dead cells and deeply moisturize the tissue due to the improvement of the circulation of the blood.



In the first half of the day, it is very important to use a cream with UV filter have increased the index of SPF (30). They apply on wet skin and neck after cleansing. The fact that the harmful effects of the rays contributes to early aging, because of the new cells cease to actively synthesized. It is best to protect remedies with natural oils, retinol, vitamin E and And.


For maximum proper care is a good moisturizing cream or liquid emulsion. They need to be rubbed into the skin from the bottom of the collarbone to chin with gentle, circular movements. It certainly saves from dryness and flaking.


The modern lotions and sprays – perfect for the hot summer time. They can be used for the whole day without the fear of accidentally hurt areas of the chest and neck.



Rejuvenating, firming and nourishing vitamin mask is recommended to use at least once in 7 days. Well help of the convoys intended for the face. However, recent developments creams for the chest and neck make it easy to find an effective private means of many numbers of highly specialized options.


A highly effective procedure that has long established itself in the field of cosmetic care. Done in the salon and at home. The main thing – to have a special oil. Them in a small amount is distributed over the skin and gently rubbed in the direction from the center of the chest to the shoulders, and then from the neck of the lower jaw to the chin. The only unpleasant thing contra-indications in the case of skin diseases or allergic reactions.

For ladies from 30

methods for rejuvenation

Young tissue can regenerate itself is the inherent of nature. Especially in the body of the girls is more or less stable hormonal background. But women, after the age of 30 requires adequate and proper care for neck and decollete, after all, the natural processes of regeneration, with the passage of time is lost. In this case, it is necessary:

  1. assets with active ingredients – natural plant flavonoids;
  2. cosmetics with hormones, providing the elasticity;
  3. hyaluronic acid – the source of beauty and youth;
  4. cream with the presence of algae and collagen, creating the effect of lifting;
  5. geranium, raspberry and rose oil, which makes the skin supple.

Wrinkles is such a terrible thing is easier to prevent than to get rid of it. The ideal means of prevention and contrast compresses. They should be used only once a 7 days to optimize the tone of cancer of the skin, providing softness and elasticity.

For the procedure, you will need two bowls: one with hot and cold water. Secondly, you need to put ice to maintain acceptable temperature. A small soft cloth to first soak them in cold water and put on the chest area for about 30 seconds. Then everything is similar to repeat with the heated water. And so – 10 times.

Medical sessions

If time is lost and wrinkles appear, it is necessary to consult with specialists. In this case, it can save dermatologists who are experts in the rejuvenation of the skin of the neck and chest. Women propose to hold cryotherapy, laser rejuvenation, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, chemical peels. Each procedure is designed for certain cases and is selected based on personal characteristics.

Mesotherapy – a method that gives absolute results. Injections help from the dryness. In their structure – anti-aging and vitamin substances that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the epithelium, improve and effectively smooth the skin. By the way, is not mesotherapy does not include injection – in this case, the substances in the tissue under the strong pressure of the air.


The circular lines around the neck, on t.n. the "rings of Venus" – a sign of the beginning of the muscles, or natural aging. In addition, it may be the result of a lack of training in this area.

Therefore, girls who have such problems, it is time to perform a number of exercises:

  1. slightly bow the head, and then slowly to the right and to the left (10 times);
  2. push the chin forward and hold for 10 seconds, and then return to its original position (20 times);
  3. horizontally to put a pencil in your mouth and to paint with them in the air from the numbers from 0 to 30 (you can also be creative and try something "to write").

Cosmetics for every day

rejuvenation of the neck


During showering, it is recommended to use a soft clean to clean the chest and neck. It must contain silicon particles and to exfoliate old cells, in which the fabric is wonderful absorb moisturizing products.

The only thing – you do not need to choose the assets on a natural basis. For example, fractions from apricot pits. In addition, you can use a loofah because it has irritating effect on the delicate skin of the breast.


You need to properly approach the problem of finding the optimal tools for the chest. There are a huge number of specialized creams – as a cheap, less-known producers, and expensive brand. Should be selected not only by brand but also by ingredients. In the composition must necessarily be present:

  • natural extracts of aloe, ginseng, hops, Hypericum, horsetail;
  • the extracts from marine plants (it is the main source of minerals and iodine);
  • E and A (antioxidants-vitamins that protect the tissues from the dangerous effects of the environment);
  • elastin and collagen (keep skin elastic and youthful).