Healthy recipes serum for the face

Cosmetic manufacturers of many kinds such funds, but it may be a useful serum to the face, dry skin, home, using the recipes given in this article.


What parts should be taken of the serum

What parts should be taken of the serum-dry skin, why? Recipes serum for the face for dry skin also includes the following elements:

  • essential oil;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • dairy products;
  • vitamins for the skin.

The essential oils are highly concentrated substances obtained from plants.

Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, softens, protects, however, the production of this is the active substance in serum at home special skills, ingredients.

Whey is used by you as a component of cosmetic products. This will be particularly useful to women after 30 years.

The beneficial effect is due to the content of the following substances:

  • the vitamin C promotes collagen production;
  • vitamin B5, make the skin more elastic and removing wrinkles;
  • the potassium promotes skin hydration;
  • folic acid, which reduces inflammation;
  • Niacin, for softening, whitening the skin;
  • choline regulates the production of sebum

Recipe whey

Recipes serum for the face for dry skin include regular whey. This milk is also suitable for other skin types and almost never causes allergies. There are several ways of cooking.

  1. A package of yogurt in the freezer and remove the ice pack a fine sieve. The resulting liquid, there's a serum.
  2. The other method allows you to cook the whey with the milk. This fresh milk boil, while you stir, add the juice of half a lemon in the package milk, remove from heat when the milk curdle. Then product give cool, and strain off the whey.
  3. You can give fresh milk, a gap in a natural way, then heat over low heat, until the complete drawdown of the milk. After cooling, it is necessary to filter the resulting product using folded gauze.

It is important to know! The preparation of the serum for dry skin these recipes, take fatty dairy products.

The serum can be applied in several ways:

  • Wash. Just wash the serum, and gently wipe the face towel, and then wipe the skin of the serum a cotton pad.
  • Compress. To compress you need to prepare gauze, folded several again, that gap in the mouth and the eyes. Gauze mask soaked in serum his face. Keep the compress on 20 minutes, rinse with serum is not necessary. Carry out the procedure every day.
  • Ice cubes. Frozen serum to wipe your face in the morning, this is the procedure - tones the skin.

It is important to keep in mind! Serum must be fresh, it is not necessary to prepare a large number of forward. The masks and other treatments, it is recommended that only natural, freshly prepared serum.

Scrub the whey

Get grazed in the whey to add to the following elements:

  • salt;
  • coffee;
  • ground oatmeal (for sensitive skin).

These components are 1 teaspoon 2 tablespoons whey. After use scrub, wipe, or wash face with green tea, and toning the skin.

Mask, which improves skin tone

Whiten the skin, reduce the pigmentation, it is recommended to mask serum lemon juice.

To purchase the blush, the mask 2 teaspoons of curdled milk or whey, 1 tsp. carrot juice. Improve the face, like the cottage cheese mask, the mask of pea flour, which will be discussed below.

The serum is also oil

The serum of essential oils to a base (transport) oil essential oils are suitable for specific skin type. The recipes serum face dry skin includes the following:

  • the base oils of almond, wheat, jojoba, avocado, seeds the apricot, olive, evening primrose (evening primrose);
  • as a further essential oils of chamomile, lavender, patchouli, calendula, rosemary, geranium, orange flower, rose, sandalwood oil.

To prepare whey, 4 tbsp. one of the transport oils 20 40 drops essential oil or mixture oil. Mixed in a glass vial, a dark glass.

Further enriches the composition with 10 to 15 drops of solution of vitamin E oil. After preparation the serum must be allowed to stand for 1 day. Keep the composition there may be no more than six months.

1 take 2-4 drops of the composition. The serum is applied to the fingertips, then spread on clean face. After 10-15 minutes apply moisturizer.

Please note! Before using essential oils, you need to test them portability. It is used, a few drops of oil mixture in the area of the elbow bend or the wrist. If 6 hours does not appear itching, redness, carried out the second stage of the test bath a small amount of essential oil.

3-4 drops of oil mixture of diluted milk, sour cream or cream (3 tbsp) add the bath temperature does not exceed 38 C.

If, after this, it seemed, headache, high blood pressure, as well as your general health good, the serum is based on essential oils can be used. Do not use oil, the flavor of which seems, unpleasant.

The prescription serum for the face essential oils for dry skin are the following ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons oil of the evening primrose, and avocado oil;
  • 12 drops of lavender oil;
  • 4 drops chamomile oil;
  • 6 drops of geranium oil.

The recipe for the whey in regular yogurt

To cook the whey of the sour milk, take the milk and bring boiling.

Then reduce the flame, heat about 10 minutes, until the milk completely that's from frozen. The cold yogurt to drain, use the serum too how whey in the kefir.

Recipe serum rye bread

Adding to the serum of brown bread can be made into soft, nourishing mask, scrub. Rye bread crumbs soaked in the serum, stir until smooth, the face in massaging movements.

So much bread that was quite thick, not flowing down to the ground. Then leave the mask for 10-20 minutes after massage.

Apply the mask 3 times a week, it nourishes my dry skin, but you can use other skin types.

Recipe cottage cheese

The mask of cottage cheese, whey regenerates the skin action!

You need to take the serum, fat cottage cheese, in the same amounts, mix, spread the face, neck. This mask 1 time a week.

Recipe egg

serum egg

Mask the whey, egg, wheat starch or flour is a suitable combination skin. This is a lifting effect, tightens the pores, gives matte.

Recipe, fruit serum

The whey, you can add the pulp of the different fruits. The dry skin better the best is to choose a melon, plums, apricots, bananas.

Earth is a blender, the fruit pulp is mixed with yogurt, or serum. A to buy fruit, 2 tbsp. dairy products. The mixture apply on the face, as a mask for 15 minutes

Coffee recipe serum for oily skin

If you have oily skin is well established, coffee, cream-scrub. The scrub you need to take the wet coffee grounds in the beer, 1 Cup of coffee yogurt or whey (2 tablespoons).

The components are mixed, is used as a scrub, twice a week. Bush you can use, if you have dry skin, after 10 days. Coffee scrub to reduce the fat Shine.

Serum green peas

Mask serum, the green pea flour improves the complexion. The final preparations pea flour add to the serum, to a thick cream.

It is recommended to apply this mask to a steamed face. The flour can be obtained, grinding the chickpeas in the coffee grinder.

How often can the serum to cleanse skin

Whey as a medicine in the form of ice cubes, wash or compress help to clean the face daily. The frequency of use of masks dry skin on the basis of serum depends on the specific recipe of the mask. On the basis of the essential oils can be used daily, and the scrubs of not more than 2 times a week.

Whey is a natural means to improve skin condition, to prepare, which you can make at home. Especially easy to prepare, whey. This milk can be used alone or masks.

Not applicable use this simple but useful recipes face rejuvenation, beauty, skin health!