Recipes of rejuvenation of face skin

Excessive dryness and thinning of the skin, loss of tone, dullness, sagging, fine lines and wrinkles – it is not that other, as well as the appearance of the first signs of aging on the face, which, unfortunately, are not insured by absolutely no one. But, despite the fact that the irreversible process of aging of the skin cannot be halted, to resist and slow its attack on the strength of each of them. For this you can resort to professional means to expensive anti-aging cosmetics, and you can own a home to fight age-related problems with the use of effective recipes of rejuvenation of the facial skin.

Recipes of rejuvenation of face skin

Algorithm the home of facial rejuvenation different from day care procedures only in the composition of the assets, which include several active components that have properties to moisturize, nourish, improve elasticity and repair existing age-related defects in the aging of the skin. Basically, all of the recipes of facial rejuvenation are based on natural and essential oils and herbal training camp, which allow not only to hide and to correct visible age marks on the face, but also effective for the prevention of the emergence of the new.

The natural oils for a face rejuvenation – what to choose?

Natural oils are truly unique and irreplaceable asset that is applied in cosmetology. Without them it is difficult to imagine the composition of good cosmetic products like store-bought and homemade. The indispensability of natural oils because of its impeccable composition, including a wide range of vitamins and minerals in the complexes, fatty acids and other active and beneficial substances needed by the human skin. In addition, facial oils, fats and do not contain artificial chemicals, preservatives, dyes and other substances, causing extensive damage to the skin and well treated of the skin due to its composition, in the vicinity of the natural skin fat. Moreover, natural oils, the vast majority are considered to be completely Allergy-free product and suitable for use on Hyper-sensitive skin tissues.

Consider the most popular and sought-after natural oils, which covers almost all of the recipes of rejuvenation of the facial skin.

  • Olive oil. It is a natural oil takes pride of first place on the list of effective natural oils used for facial rejuvenation, due to the high content of vitamins E and A, that are able perfectly to nourish, hydrate and significantly prolong youth of the skin of the face. Olive oil is used in cosmetics in creams and masks, and in pure form.
  • The rosehip oil. This natural oil can rightly be called the "building blocks" for the cells of Mature skin. Its rich composition, which includes more than a thousand kinds of fatty acids of different structures that contribute to the rejuvenation of the aging face, making it simply a necessary component in anti-aging skin care.
  • Sea-buckthorn oil. Vitamins a, b, C, E, K, P, carotenoids, sterols, Tocopherols, fatty acids – this is not a complete list of medicinal and beneficial substances included in this natural oil, thanks to which the sea buckthorn oil is widely used in cosmetology. It deals with the first signs of skin aging – smoothes fine lines, improves the elasticity of skin tissue, the skin, and flaking. In addition, this natural oil is an excellent bleaching agent, which you can use to lighten pigment spots and freckles on the skin.
  • Oil for the face
  • Wheat germ oil is a natural stimulant of all natural metabolic and regenerative processes in the dermis of the skin, which makes it simply irreplaceable in anti-aging Facials. Using this oil can restore the skin's lost freshness, elasticity and firmness, tighten the sagging of facial contours, smooth the existing wrinkles.
  • Jojoba oil. The effectiveness of this oil for rejuvenation of the face is very difficult to overestimate. The contents of this oil on a wide range of vitamins and amino acids, as well as reminiscent of the structure of collagen, a protein, a protein, determine the important role of this natural oils in facial rejuvenation. Hydration, nutrition, maintenance of water balance in the dermis of the skin, smoothing of wrinkles, and improve elasticity and firmness of the skin – all this is a result of regular use of jojoba oil for cosmetic purposes. Moreover, this "wonder" oil has a calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Of course, it is not all facial oils for rejuvenation. Peanut, sesame, Jasmine, peach, apricot, cocoa, cedar, flax, palm, are also great fighters against premature aging of the skin and are widely used in formulations of anti-aging and cosmetic products.

Herbs for facial rejuvenation

Along with the natural oils, anti-aging cosmetics are used herbs for facial rejuvenation. The healing power of medicinal plants are able to take care of dull and tired skin, which allows the rights to be called "professionals" in the field of anti-aging cosmetics.

Herbs for facial rejuvenation are used as infusions and decoctions for washing, creams and masks and cleansing scrubs and peels.

To deal with existing wrinkles on the face are used herbs like sage, Linden, chamomile, st. john's wort. The improvement of the natural production of collagen and elastin can help yarrow, thyme, mint, Jasmine, linen. Horsetail, aloe, calamus root, wormwood, lungwort, chicory, ginger is also very anti-aging components that can enrich the finished cosmetic products or to use them as the main component of homemade cosmetics.

Herbs for facial rejuvenation

Natural oils and herbs to rejuvenate the face is definitely beautiful and affordable alternative to costly "in-store" beauty products and "salon" anti-aging care for Mature skin.

The only drawback of using this method of care is not a young person's lack of immediate effect. But if you are patient and disciplined, and picked up suitable recipes of rejuvenation of the facial skin, then do not hesitate to make a guarantee the result will not keep itself waiting long and your skin will thank you its tenderness, elasticity and the bright appearance.