Effective mask for facial rejuvenation

I think that it is very difficult to achieve beautiful skin, if nature is not endowed with such a spectacular decoration of the birth? But, no! There is a very simple and extremely useful mask, perfectly refreshing on our faces.

anti-aging mask


You will need 4 tablespoons of the tincture of calendula, which is sold in any pharmacy. It should add 2 teaspoons of any vegetable oil (very good olive), the mixture is in a closed form was sent to two days in a cool place. All!

After two days, the tincture of the remedy is ready for use. Apply it for fifteen minutes, avoiding eyes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water using a gel or foam for cleaning.

Cover with the beer

The tool is great for women who have overcome 35 years of age. To prepare you need any beer, shredded on a fine grater, a small carrot, one egg yolk and fresh mashed potatoes (it is acceptable to replace it with a starch).

All the ingredients thoroughly and place in cheesecloth, folded in 4-6 layers, and then gently apply to your face and lie down for 10-15 minutes; removal of the mask is, also, beer, which is supposed to be a little warm, and then rinse your face with clean water.

Cover with the strawberries

Strawberry is ideal for giving the front cover a fresh, smooth tone. Ripe strawberries (you can take and strawberries) you need to mash or beat with mixer until consistency of mashed potatoes. The weight shall be applied for fifteen minutes, add to it any additional components are not needed.

Extremely refreshing and tonic, after which it seems that the skin breathes freely and easily.

Cover with the carrots

To ensure a healthy skin tone and fit for the ordinary carrots. It is necessary to RUB (the smaller the better) and mix it with egg yolk. Apply for 15-20 minutes, lie down in peace and quiet (you can meditate in that time), then rinse with hot water (decoction of herbs).

Carrot mask has a magical effect! Why?

  • carotene moisturizes and rejuvenates;
  • vitamin PP energizes, protects and improves the complexion;
  • vitamin a soothes and softens the skin and smoothes wrinkles;
  • vitamin B9 protects from ultraviolet radiation;
  • vitamin C heals wounds and cracks, fights inflammation and stimulates the production of collagen in the cells.
  • thanks to vitamin K and the skin is clean of excess pigmentation;
  • potassium control the level of hydration in skin cells, prevents dryness and flaking.

Cover with the coffee

Coffee is an effective tool to create the effect of smooth skin. It's put on 10-15 min.

Note: for use will only fit in the middle, which is left more than the freshly brewed beverage.

In addition, coffee can be used as for cleansing of the face and body. A very effective tool that is always at hand.

Watermelon mask

As a basis we can take as watermelon and cantaloupe; first of all, you need to separate the pulp. Then evenly distribute in the prepared gauze or any thin cotton fabric, leaving a maximum of twenty-five minutes. Rinse clean with cold water and moisturizes the skin.

cover with the watermelon

Cover with the peaches

To give the skin a delicate shade and the creaminess will help peach (instead, you can take the apricot). The pulp is crushed to mushy state, and then adds a small amount of oat flour to create optimal consistency and spread evenly over the entire face.

Mask with honey

It is known that honey is a storehouse of valuable substances, including for the skin. The Facials honey is often used in its pure form, but for greater effect, it is better to combine with the tomatoes. Tomatoes need to be peeled, and bring the puree. Then I added one teaspoon of each variety of honey.

When the procedure is completed, wash your face, it is necessary to treat the face with toner and be sure to apply a nourishing cream.

Mask with turmeric

As part of this relaxation mask is also present in the honey. One tablespoon of this product is combined with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Must be a pretty thick mixture. This tool is not only a positive impact on the tone of the skin, but also easy property lighting. In addition, it tightens the small scratches, reduction of scars and wounds.

Just don't keep it on the face for more than 10 min! — because if you keep it longer, turmeric can for some time to give your face is a desirable yellowish color.

Mask with cream cheese

It is best to bring just the cheese, but the fit and store. It should mash with a fork, then combine with heavy cream. The age of such a composition of our face for about a quarter of an hour.

To pamper your skin with any of the above masks are recommended in a day for a month, and you just don't recognize myself in the mirror!

  • In addition to these procedures, it is very important to adjust the diet. The health of the skin useful seafood, liver, broccoli, green peas, pumpkin, melon, cabbage, apples, apricots, mushrooms, nuts, cinnamon, vegetable oils and various dairy products. In addition, it is desirable to introduce into their ration natural juices, especially carrot and beet. As well as timely getting rid of accumulated toxins promote the traditional oatmeal.
  • Because tap water is often different stiffness (due to excess chlorine, and iron), which causes considerable damage to the delicate skin of the face. Therefore, more useful to wash with filtered or mineral water without gas.
  • It is extremely important to not forget about the protection of the face from adverse environmental factors. In the summer should avoid prolonged sun exposure. Need to resort to the use of the special funds with the content of UV filters. In winter, the skin requires a nourishing diet and a more thorough wetting.