Facial rejuvenation at home: myth or reality?

For example, the hormonal make-up. It is banned in Europe. But, the law deviates. Hormones give an instant rejuvenating effect and attracts many. However, later on the scene side effects. Without "doping" the skin stops working, it becomes shiny and transparent. Increases the risk of cancer and various complications. Facial rejuvenation at home allows you to use natural ingredients, try to choose the most effective for yourself anti-aging agents without risk to health.

rejuvenation of the skin

Cleaning of the skin, without the chemicals and synthetic components

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, coffee, dairy products, natural honey, essential oils, wax, badger fat, vegetable decoctions are the main ingredients for homemade cosmetics. Some of them can be used as an independent means to care.
  • Cream or milk perfect for removal of make-up. They are especially good for dry skin and for winter use. In the summer, it is better to switch to almond oil. It protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. Suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Waterproof mascara perfectly cope olive oil. It is also recommended to remove makeup from the eyes. Vitamin E contained in it, it will rejuvenate and give freshness to your face.

Now a few recipes combined cleaning of the skin. To resort to the mixing of the ingredients will have those who are accustomed to be washed with water. The composition of the cream-foam will include 2 tablespoons of yogurt with no fillers, one kiwi, one teaspoon of chopped almonds (give the cleaning), one tablespoon of almond oil and honey. All the ingredients need to be mixed well.

For the production of milk, mix one Cup of heavy cream with the egg yolk, add one tablespoon of cognac and three of lemon juice. The formula is suitable for dry and normal skin.

The skin is prone to acne and oiliness suitable in the powder-based three tablespoons of oat flakes — they will remove redness, and green tea which neutralize the effects of the rash and to prevent aging. To obtain a homogeneous mass it is necessary to switch to the ingredients in the grinder for coffee. Pour some of the mixture on hand, add water and wash off the make-up and massage.

Toning is the second step on the path to healthy skin

For the care of the cream and serum can have an effect only when applied to cleansed and toned skin. The agent penetrates into the pores. If they are clogged, not the elixir of youth will not produce the desired effect.

Face toner are made on the basis of water and herbal decoctions. For sensitive skin recommended by pink tonic. One tablespoon of petals, Queen of flowers, pour a glass of boiling water and bring to a boil. Infusion to cool, filter(can use cheesecloth), to defend and to use.

Dehydrated skin will suit cucumber soup. Grated vegetables are mixed with a glass of boiled milk and cook for five minutes. Cooling tonic virus. It will tighten and moisturize the skin.

Recipe mint-based suggest the problem of the skin. The plant (dried), pour two cups of boiling water. The coupon is tormented on low heat for about ten minutes, then strain and add two tablespoons of calendula tincture, one teaspoon boric alcohol and a few drops of lemon juice.

An excellent tonic is obtained from the mineral water, which added the lemon juice. Particularly well the mixture to freeze. In the morning you will only get frozen ice cube, which can erase from the face.

Years give way to a natural face cream

To neutralize the breath of time on your skin, you can use a simple recipe of seven components:

  • two tablespoons of wax;
  • one teaspoon rose water;
  • one teaspoon honey;
  • one tablespoon of Shea butter or Shea butter;
  • one tablespoon almond oil;
  • one teaspoons of coconut oil;
  • 4-5 drops of essential oil for your skin type.

The wax to melt on the steam bath. In a separate bowl, mix rose water with honey and a little heat, Add in the beeswax, Shea butter and stir. They also add almond and coconut oil. Add to this mix rose water with honey. Whisk to make a homogeneous cream and remove from heat.

On this basis, including the necessary components to rejuvenate we need to add the essential oil according to skin type.

  • for dry skin – geranium, lavender, rosewood;
  • for oily – lemon, lavender;
  • for the normal – lemon, lavender, orange flower;
  • for mixed – lemon, mint, neroli fragrance;

Another anti-aging cream based on herbs. Take their oil extractor. In order to get it, one tablespoon of mint, Hypericum, yarrow, green tea, pour the hot olive oil (0.5 Cup). It is necessary to insist during the week, and then drain.

After the melt in water bath the wax, add a teaspoon of pine resin (you can collect yourself or buy in a pharmacy). In this mixture pour the extraction of herbs (2 tablespoons), the same amount increase of water and 2 drops of oil solution of vitamins A, D and E. stir, remove from heat, beat with a mixer. This cream not only rejuvenates skin, but also nourishes it very well.

A fixed effect using masks

Procedures for the facial rejuvenation would be incomplete without the use of masks. They are perhaps the most ancient weapon of women against the age-related changes. They are used in Babylon and ancient Egypt, and which are made from natural ingredients: honey, milk, fruit. Mask for face rejuvenation based on them are relevant today.

the face mask

Mask for face rejuvenation of the milk

In lukewarm milk add a little flour. Received a creamy mass, add one egg yolk, mix and apply to clean face. Need to rinse after 20 minutes in water with added lemon juice.

Rejuvenating mask based on honey

One teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of flour, add in the beaten egg protein. Stir the ingredients well and apply on skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Fruit mask of wrinkles with the effect of tightening facial contour

Grind grated ripe fruit of quince and apply the resulting mass on the face. To achieve the effect done in 15 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Rejuvenating mask herbal

Grind and mix the leaves of the currant, Lime, yarrow, plantain, strawberries. Four tablespoons of the mixture pour a small amount of boiling water. Give porridge to cool and apply it on the skin for 15 minutes. Wash off the mask with cold water.

Driven tone of the muscles

As a body, facial skin can be supple and smooth, with only the trained muscles. If you systematically do the exercises for facial rejuvenation,subcutaneous muscles to increase the volume, thereby stretching the side creases and furrows. In the course of the facial kit also includes acupressure points. It relaxes the muscles, providing a relaxing effect on the whole body.

There are fast scheme procedures. These procedures were sufficient to pay for 10 seconds 3 times a day. Wrinkles on the forehead will disappear when you press on the skin of the roots of the hair and close my eyes. At this time the rotary motion eyes for about six seconds.

The following exercise will help you to keep raised eyebrows. The skin over them should be recorded forefinger. The eyebrows in it, hugged as high as possible and hold for 6-10 seconds.

Now to get rid of sagging eyelids. The fingers of the right hand to fix the area around the eyebrows. When this raised eyebrows about half an inch, and his eyes are closed. So you have to hold out for 6 seconds.

Wrinkles around the mouth go, if you blow out the candles. For 6 seconds air is necessary, and with the force of the blow. Then relax, open your mouth, the lips are kept in the course of the day. To complete the exercise, relaxing and smiling widely.

The appearance of a double chin alert gymnastics on a chair. You have to sit straight to keep the tension of the muscles of the chin and tongue. Slowly tilt the head back, then forward, and then relax.

To make supple cheeks, it is necessary to press the edges of the palms of the skin at a distance of two inches from the ears. Lighten up, the lips pulled forward in the form of a tube. Lock of 6 -10 seconds, relax and smile.

To make the skin supple and elastic will help, also, massage. It improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism and strengthens muscles. Standard arrangements are made with the use of oil or milk. Plastic massage more intense here, better adjusted, and talc.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, can only perform classical massage for facial rejuvenation. Its main elements are: vibration, rubbing and stroking. We must start from his forehead. The trajectory of the movement is mostly circular. The main thing is to not deviate from the massage lines:

  • from the middle of the forehead to the temples (stroking and vibrating movements);
  • the lower eyelid stroke from the outer corner to the inner corner and the upper eyelid – on the contrary;
  • from the nose, the tip of the nose or both of the parties;
  • from the corner of the mouth to the ears of both sides;
  • in the middle of the chin of the lower jaw to the earlobes;
  • from the center of the upper lip to the wings of the nose;

Do not forget about the little things

Of the skin affecting not only the beauty, gymnastics and massage. Is not the whole list of factors that we often overlook. Perhaps the most important elixir of youth. It is necessary to drink 1,5-2 liters a day, otherwise, the skin will be dehydrated and the beginning of wrinkles guaranteed.

An important psychological component. Stress affects not only the internal but also the external condition of the person. To prolong youthfulness of the skin, it is necessary for a balanced diet. You can use some fresh air and sun (within reason). Shine will provide our skin with vitamin D which are not contained elsewhere. Bad habits, whether Smoking or addiction to alcohol, to speed up the process of aging. From them, it is advisable to refuse.

Folk remedies for facial rejuvenation is a whole range of recipes and actions. Their systematic application will not go unnoticed. Well-groomed woman always attracts attention, causes admiration. It is not necessary to pay a tidy sum for cosmetics and visit fashion beauty salons.