Technologies and modern methods of rejuvenation

Perhaps one of the newest and most promising methods for rejuvenation is the use of stem cells. These are cells that can turn into any other type of cell in the human body. With their help, the scientists promise to prolong human life as long as possible, it very much improves the quality of life. True, efficiency in the use of stem cells has been proven in many cases, the rejuvenation, in the treatment of diseases such as leukemia, congenital disorders of the immune system, etc. The action of the stem cells intended to rejuvenate the body as a whole: people disappear wrinkles, improves overall health, the metabolism.

However, not everything is as good as it seems at first glance. Research in the field of cellular medicine, in particular stem cells began relatively recently, and the consequences of their use to predict quite difficult. Already aware of the fact that the use of stem cells in the body can cause the development of cancer.

Spanish scientists have experimentally proved that after stem cells, which have long been bred out of the body, they are turned into cancer.



Another modern method of rejuvenation can be called a photorejuvenation based on the effects of light flux of the skin (the effect of high-intensity light to selectively produce pulses with a wavelength of 550-1200 nm). After a few sessions of photorejuvenation, has a positive effect: fade fine lines, pigment spots, increases skin tone, improves the complexion. It is quick, easy and relatively harmless way to rejuvenate the skin on the face, neck. One session will last an average of 15-20 min. But, the procedure has its own disadvantages. First, this is only the apparent rejuvenation of the skin, does not affect the health of the organism as a Whole. Second, the sessions of photorejuvenation is contraindicated in people with dark skin, pregnant, in diseases of the blood, skin, and oncological diseases. Usually, the rejuvenation is carried out in cooperation with other methods of rejuvenation.


The essence of this method of rejuvenation is the introduction of active substances into the skin, after which the expected return on the regenerative functions of the skin. With the help of mesotherapy the cure for such skin problems as acne, cellulite, wrinkles. It is a pretty safe way of rejuvenation with a long lasting effect, but also as photorejuvenation, it is the purpose only of improving the cosmetic appearance of the skin. In addition, after the introduction of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin, some people have observed cases of an allergic reaction to the injected medication (redness, vasodilation, etc.). Therefore, before undergoing this surgery rejuvenation, a man need to undergo a full medical examination of the body. Mesotherapy is contraindicated during pregnancy, menstruation, and with disorders of blood clotting.


Deep peeling

Deep peeling is also a way of rejuvenation, which is carried out with the technical progress in the field of medicine. It involves the removal of hard skin cells, after which the expected regeneration of skin cells. Through exfoliation can eliminate acne, fine wrinkles, minor skin defects. However, this method itself is quite traumatic and dangerous. The sessions deep peels should be carried out with the use of anesthetic drugs and only highly qualified specialists. After the illiterate behavior of these procedures can develop irreversible changes in the skin.

Plastic surgery

Many of the stars from the show business and other famous people, the implementation of this method of rejuvenation that is plastic surgery. This operation of lifting and removing excess skin. Procedures plastic surgery is performed under General anesthesia. This method is good because you do not have to regularly go to the clinic for the procedures of rejuvenation, the effect is visible already after the first surgery and continued for 5-7 years. The disadvantages of this method is mainly the fact of surgical intervention, which does not rejuvenate the skin and it just pulls. The need of the use of antibiotics and other medications, can also affect your health.

Chemical peels

Chemical peeling is a procedure for removing the top layer of the skin by various acids which are applied in a thin layer on the skin during the procedure. For this method of peeling is used medications such as phenol, trichloroacetic acid and other media. This method of rejuvenation enables you to achieve rapid results: eliminate wrinkles, acne, after the removal of old skin cells aktiviziruyutsya regenerative processes of the skin cells. One of the main disadvantages of chemical peels is a reddening of the skin that can persist for weeks (depends on products). When using glycolic acid binding result is the peeling of the skin, which also brings a certain embarrassment.

Bio gels and floss

The use of biogels and topics in cosmetology is also in the direction of facial rejuvenation. The skin of the face and neck and injected biostimulants, actively affects the cells that form collagen and elastin. Introduction bio gel and the strengthening of the Gold threads have similar principles of action: to activate the formation of skin proteins. This is a fairly modern method of rejuvenation in which the complexion of the skin improves, the wrinkles disappear. But, this method has its contraindications: the operation could not be performed in bleeding disorders during pregnancy, inflammatory diseases of the skin.

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Anti-aging mask

One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate is the use of special anti-aging masks. On contact with the skin, the active ingredients of the mask moisturize and nourish. Masks are made from natural products, and chemical. Many manufacturers of anti-aging facial masks believe that the aging of the skin is no longer a problem, because the effectiveness of these masks are manifested at the cellular level, activates the regeneration of skin cells, slows the aging process and regulates metabolism of the skin. However, not all manufacturers of masks to rejuvenate honest - there is a possibility of the presence of substandard components in the composition of the mask.

Therefore it is best to use a mask made from natural ingredients. It is worth remembering that some people may experience increased sensitivity to certain components, so in the beginning choose the most suitable type of masks.


More popular in recent years is the ELOS-rejuvenation. This method of rejuvenation is based on the combined effect of light energy and the current radio spectrum. This technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin from the inside. With the help of technology ELOS-rejuvenation is possible to get rid of age spots, skin blemishes, acne, as well as to eliminate the wrinkles. The disadvantages are pain, redness of the skin.

Medical rejuvenation

We should mention the drug rejuvenation, i.e. rejuvenation through a variety of medications, hormonal medications, supplements. Currently, the area of these medications is so great that selecting the appropriate tool is very difficult. The most effective is the use of antioxidants. Are substances that prevent diseases and slow down the process of aging. An important advantage is that they have a rejuvenating effect on the whole body, not just on the face or on the neck. However, you need to be careful when choosing anti-aging drugs, take into account the sensitivity of the organism to those or other components.