Laser skin resurfacing: is it safe?

The years take their toll, and the skin of your face does not look flawless, despite the careful in traffic. Many women in this situation be solved with radical methods, but to go under the surgeon's knife, I do not want all. There is an alternative? To: is fractional laser resurfacing. This procedure is considered safe, less painful and easier tolerated by the body from surgery. However, it is also absolutely comfortable as you can get.You will need to wait is not the most favorable period of rehabilitation (even though he is a lot "softer" than the rehabilitation after surgery). Look at what is fractional rejuvenation using laser and the answer to the main question: how safe is it?

before and after

The essence of the procedure

Laser fractional rejuvenation of the skin is literally "polished" with high temperatures. In fact, it is the essence of any cosmetic treatments using laser, but the operation of the fractional type has its own specifics. Let's start with the fact that this procedure takes place at a higher temperature than laser hair removal or acne removal. A laser apparatus which controls the operation of the fractional type, it is necessary to manipulate very quickly, because you can literally burn the skin. Therefore, as responsible for the operation of the trust only by experienced beauticians.

By studying the information on laser hair rejuvenation of their web-sites, it is possible to calculate such an operation is wonderful and fantastic: the fading, scars, wrinkles, acne, skin of the fat will be normal — and all this in one session? Is this true? Disappoint you: no. Of course, this procedure is really one of the most effective. Of course, the stress effects on the body after the fractional rejuvenation will be less than after other procedures. But the problems still exist, and in such a small amount. To tell you about them.

  1. You can not get away clean from all the wrinkles. Acting on the epidermis, you can just smooth out the wrinkles, but deep wrinkles thus do not fix.
  2. You can't remove the scars and other unwanted education at one time. You will need at least three sessions. That way between sessions you need to pass by around 6 months, so the total time of the procedures will be the year.
  3. Treatment of acne scars with fractional exposure is very desirable. Acne can be combated with a laser, but you will need to choose a more gentle procedure, with exposure to such high temperatures.
  4. The procedure itself is not the most pleasant: the discomfort, the pain is inevitable. Some "anesthesia" here is not going: discomfort (although somewhat smaller) will be, even if before the procedure treatment of skin anesthesia.
  5. After surgery, it is impossible to avoid the rehabilitation period, not the most pleasant of sensations. The skin will heal at least two weeks, while in the course of the week, it will not have the top protective layer. Therefore, after the completion of the procedure are not able to get out of the sun and should be smeared with special creams and ointments.

What can be the consequences?

First, do not be alarmed if after the session the skin will redden and burn. This is not a sign of a failed operation, and the natural reaction of the body. After a few hours after surgery may become swollen skin around the nose and eyes — is also natural. To edema passed quickly, for the subtraction of excess fluids from the body: it is diuretic, do not eat salty and spicy.

Waking up the next day after the procedure you will be saw the face of ichor? Then it hardened and formed across the face of the nasty peel? Do not be alarmed, this is natural too. Phototherapy this type involves the removal of the upper protective layer on the skin and under the crust formed a new one. Therefore, to touch the face, trying to disturb the bark, it is impossible in any case: it can get infected and then to remain with scars on the face. The crust disappears by itself, restore tissues. This process will begin only a week after the surgery, wait until this time. And then another about a month, the face will be pink and very sensitive to light, so you'll have to use a protective cream.

Side effects after fractional rejuvenation too. The skin may be put, several days can be itchy, can be uneven color. All this sooner or later passes, but the feeling is very uncomfortable. More likely that they will occur and in patients with particularly sensitive skin, the girls with dystonia.

Care after fractional rejuvenation is the individual, but there are General guidelines. Is to be washed with boiled water, certainly not hot. Even better will be to use Ozonated water. Not scrubs and peels until the skin is completely recovered. Go in the sun is not at least a week, and another week after that, you can get only having a face cream with the degree of protection of not less than 30. And, you need to be attentive to your body as a whole: sleep, take vitamins. With proper rehabilitation to forget about the discomfort for two weeks!