Rejuvenation of the skin of the face in different ways at home

I'm afraid again to look in the mirror, because you are not from 20 years ago, and from the freshness and youth of the left and trace on your face? Do not hurry to be upset. Even if you go to a salon to scare you, do not be effective home remedies that if you will not return to its former youth, I, at least, will significantly improve your appearance.

To learn how to rejuvenate skin quickly, safely and at home.

rejuvenation of the skin

Homemade methods of facial rejuvenation

There are various ways of facial rejuvenation that can be used independently, without the help of beauticians. Choose among this variety, those that will not take you a lot of time and effort. Do not worry if you do not get everything the first time: some techniques require certain skills. Having worked with them over time, you get everything fast and easy.

  1. Facial massage improves the circulation and nutrition of cells.
  2. Apart from the compresses with herbs perfectly clean skin and give it radiance and a youthful glow.
  3. Facial masks, home cooked, smooth out shallow wrinkles, prevent their premature appearance, making facial contours more pronounced.
  4. Rubbing ice cubes is one of the most effective rejuvenation treatments, after which the result will be noticeable immediately.

Now the home of facial rejuvenation available to you: choose and use. Most women opt for homemade face masks that are easy to prepare and which give an incredible feeling of freshness, for a few days. Indeed, the method is quite effective and time-tested.

The effectiveness of the rejuvenation of the face masks

Regular facial rejuvenation at home with the help of cosmetic masks — the process, not only pleasant, but also very effective. Already after the first procedure you will notice the results:

  • the texture of the skin will become smooth and smooth;
  • restores natural and healthy complexion;
  • small wrinkles will disappear, the deep will become less noticeable;
  • facial contours will become more clear, clear.

Your chosen mask for facial rejuvenation will only be effective if it does not take the food causing the allergies. Select the ingredients carefully, testing each of the previously prepared mixture.

Important tip!

Recent research funds for the care of the hair revealed a terrible picture, 98% of the most popular of shampoos destroy our hair. Check your shampoo for the presence of sulfates: sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, Coco sulfate, PEG, DEA, MEA. These corrosive components erode the structure of the hair, deprived of tresses color and elasticity, making them lifeless. But, it is not the worst!

These chemical substances enter the bloodstream through the pores, and spread to the internal organs, can cause allergies or even cancer. We strongly recommended to refrain from such shampoos. Use only natural cosmetics.

Recipes rejuvenating masks

Homemade anti-aging mask for the face is usually applied after a bath when the pores are expanded as much as possible. Their duration from 15 to 30 minutes. They can be made every 2-3 days, depending on the condition of your skin. After 10-15 procedures for the change of the composition of the masks, the skin is used for.


The bottom leaves of the aloe, before kept in the refrigerator at least 10 days, to overcome. The resulting juice (a tablespoon) mixed with olive oil (a tablespoon) and moisturizing cream (with a teaspoon). Before the application of heat.


Puree of sweet Apple mixed with melted butter (one tablespoon), honey (a teaspoon) and egg yolk.


Yeast (a tablespoon) mixed with warm milk, oil of a seed of flax, oil and honey (one teaspoon).


Crushed fresh plantain leaves (a tablespoon) mixed with warm water (the same amount) and honey (with a teaspoon).


Melted butter margarine (a tablespoon) mixed with egg yolk decoction of chamomile (one tablespoon), honey and glycerin (tea spoon).


Glycerin (1 teaspoon) mixed with honey (a teaspoon), hot water (2 tbsp), oatmeal (with a scoop).

Mask based on cucumber

Puree the cucumber (spoon) mix with the black currant (the same amount) and cream (tablespoon).

Mask of pea

Mashed peas (spoon) mix with heavy cream (2 tablespoons).


Banana puree (tablespoon) mixed with egg yolk, honey and olive oil (tea spoon), oatmeal (a tablespoon).

Mask of sour cream

Sour cream average fat (a tablespoon) mixed with honey and lemon juice (with teaspoon).

What you chose mask, wiping, compresses, exercises or massages for rejuvenation of the face will be effective and enforceable only if each of these procedures will be carried out regularly. It is impossible to solve the question of its beauty, from time to time: it requires your constant attention. So, if you want to slow down the running time for the youth of his face, use our tips and not to be afraid more to look in the mirror.