Recipes Tibetan youth, health and beauty

Mankind often returns to the well-known methods of treatment. Of course, modern technology and knowledge in the field of medicine has improved our lives and provided good health, most of the citizens of the planet. However, herbal teas, tinctures and other remedies based on natural ingredients and today I help people to strengthen physical health, give longevity and extension of youth. In addition, there are many cases when traditional recipes were more effective medications. Special attention shall be paid to the Tibetan method of treatment.

Attractive than the recipes of young monks Tibetan

The average lifespan of the Tibetan 80-100 years, and some even will go to the 120-year milestone. In addition, the high of the year they look much younger. Of course, their longevity is based on a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and mentality, but also of the Tibetans learned to use the gifts of nature, to prolong the youth. Due to the unique recipes of rejuvenation on the basis of natural ingredients for the improvement of metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the immune system, opens the blood vessels, and can even recover vision. Not least that the use of Tibetan techniques, you will not only be healthy, but you will gain courage, emotional balance and harmony.

The general principles of health

The basis of Tibetan medicine is based on the following components:

  • reflexology;
  • Indian Ayurveda;
  • herbal remedy;
  • a healthy diet;
  • the stability of the emotional state;
  • spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

In order to feel happy, you need to realize what values we aspire to. As a positive, with a smile to meet every day and to achieve their goals? What is the secret of longevity? Tibetan monks find answers to these questions and to follow the special rules that help them stay young, healthy, happy and always satisfied with the surrounding reality.

Rules of life of the Tibetan monks

Do not act negative: any action or thought starts in the universe is vibration, which can have a negative impact on your future life. Think and feel about themselves and the world positively.

Eat in moderation, using only quality products. Harmful as overeating and malnutrition. Give preference to plant food and do not mix protein with carbohydrates. Also, refrain from alcohol and store bought sweets.

Think about your actions towards other people. They do not need to cause someone pain.

Do not argue and do not swear, do not use profanity.

Friendly. Dress for this season. There is no need to freeze or sweat, you need to be comfortable at any time.

Follow the system sequence of wakefulness and sleep. Better to get up early in the morning to be filled with light, energy. Sleep after lunch leads to laziness, and deterioration of mental activity, so it is better to refuse.

Every morning start with a kit. Exercise will give your body energy for the whole day and help me to become more disciplined. q

To develop a habit to constantly learn and acquire new knowledge. To do this, talk with interesting people, to read books, watch documentaries. Do not forget to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Keep a journal in which you will analyze yourself, your actions and feelings and what is going on around you.

According to the teachings of Tibetan monks, all the illness and suffering come from the human mind. So, if you want to be healthy physically, to get rid of spiritual diseases.

Regularly meditate. The process calms, clears the mind and strengthens the connection with the higher powers. This is best done in the morning after sleeping, but, of course, meditation is not forbidden to choose any other time.

To avoid the hustle and bustle. Do not rush, live peacefully and devote their time and attention only on the really important things.

Development of creative abilities to make music, draw, write poems and songs, make modeling clay, etc. Any kind of creation activates the hidden internal abilities.

Analyze the environment around you and to learn from the actions of their own and of others. Try to take the place of another person and to understand him. And remember: everything that happens in the material world is a reflection and result of what was born inside of man.

Enjoy your life today. According to the Tibetan monks, yesterday already happened and tomorrow may never come, so, "yesterday" and "tomorrow" for them. It makes every day unique and valuable, and is an incentive the more time and attention to close people.

Listen to your intuition and subconscious.

Be forgiving and undemanding. This will save you from disappointments. Remember, there are no obviously good or bad. It's all relative. And plays an important role in your relationship.

Anti-aging recipes from Tibet

There are many natural remedies and recommendations for their application. Special trust and popularity got 3 Tibetan recipe: tincture of garlic, "the Royal" herbal and the composition of the lemon, garlic and honey.

Garlic of alcohol for cleansing of the body

Tincture consists of garlic, which itself is the strongest natural cure and medical ethanol 96% alcohol. Everyone knows that fresh vegetables in a few months, comes into disrepair and loses its vitamins and useful properties, and at the same time, the use of the medicinal product, in alcohol with garlic, every year is just more useful. Most treatment is three years. Tibetan monk

Medicinal properties

  • cleanses the body of lime deposits and excess fat;
  • it removes toxins from the body, the harmful substances and toxins;
  • improves metabolism;
  • the composition has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, circulatory and nervous system, liquefies the blood;
  • the use of alcohol use of medication is the prevention of heart attack, stroke, sclerosis, stenocardia, and also has anticancer properties and helps in improving vision.


  • Prepare 350-400 g of fresh garlic, with an expiration date of not more than 4 months. Chop. You can grate or slice.
  • In the original recipe the garlic should be crushed in wooden, porcelain or glazed container.
  • Take the bottle or other container made of dark glass (to push and store away from light and sunlight). Before placing the contents of the infusion container should be warmed up a little.
  • From the resulting mass take 200 g and put into the bottle. Try to mix from the bottom, a collection of more garlic juice. For the purpose of more juicy ingredient in garlic is taken slightly larger than that necessary for the recipe. This mixture pour with 200 ml of ethyl alcohol, close the lid and leave to infuse in a dark cool place for 10 days.
  • After this period strain the mixture (for example, use gauze) and obtained the oily macerate again fill the bottle, tightly closed with a lid or stopper, and again leave it for 3 days. Now the tincture is ready.

Interestingly, the Tibetan healers, for the preparation of this remedy, and to adhere to the lunar calendar. To start doing makeup of the new moon, and think that it is ready when the moon is full.

How to make use of the medicinal product

Important! Drink from the resulting potion must be strictly in accordance with the particular mode. The dosage of the agent used ordinary pipette.

Infusion drink 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals, dissolving it in 50 ml milk. You need to start with 1 drop, with every new meeting with the addition of another one while the number of drops will not be equal to 15 (5 day). Then begins the countdown, only now the one drop is removed. This will leave a full 5 days.

In the future, the infusion continue to use 25 drops per 50 ml of milk 3 times a day 20 minutes before eating. The whole course lasts until the end of the tool, and a way to rejuvenate and cleanse is recommended to apply only after 5 years.

Contraindications and side effects

Be careful! The use of this elixir of youth, there are some contraindications. The tool should not be used for such categories:

  • children, pregnant and lactating women;
  • in the case of intolerance of the individual ingredients;
  • people with chronic kidney disease, the heart, the liver and the patients with epilepsy;
  • in the acute form of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • also, be careful and use of the medicinal product should be used for people with ulcers of the stomach or intestine, while prostate and gall bladder disease, diseases of the urinary tract. Prior to use, or if you experience discomfort, you should contact a doctor for advice.

Some witch doctors claim that when used in a tincture occurs deep purification of the body, so there may be unpleasant, but temporary side effects:

  • pruritus (its the reason I think that the cleansing of the lymphatic system);
  • the discomfort in the liver area (due to the fact that it begins to move bile);
  • heat in the head (as proof of the cleansing of the blood vessels of the brain).

The Tibetan recipe of youth with herbs

Another famous recipe of the longevity of Tibet has become a vegetable a collection of four components: St john's wort, chamomile, immortelle and birch buds.

Medicinal properties

  • this herbal as a whole strengthens the body, normalizes metabolism, improves the condition of blood vessels, improves their elasticity and eliminate toxins. The immune system begins to function better;
  • cleansed as a whole body (including blood and lymph) and build system work, and as a result of it, hair, nails and skin to become healthier. The body is rejuvenated;
  • the infusion has a diuretic action, is a good anti-inflammatory drug;
  • after the application of a certain asset in the past go away dizziness, headache, tinnitus, and improves vision;
  • another prescription is the prevention of hypertension, heart attack, stroke, arthritis, gout, pancreatitis, asthma, tuberculosis, and atherosclerosis;
  • this drink prevents and eliminates internal inflammation.

The prescription and application features

Take 100 grams of Hypericum, chamomile, immortelle and birch buds. You can buy in a pharmacy. All the ingredients of the composition must be destroyed and placed in a container with a lid. Our herbal blend is ready.

The drink is in the evening. Take one tablespoon of herbal tea and pour 500 ml boiling water, then cover for about 20 minutes.

Then the resulting broth to drain. Next, half of the drug (250 ml), pour into a bowl, add 1 teaspoon honey and drink with pleasure and health. It is recommended to take the drug one hour after eating before bed that food is not consumed.

In the morning you will need to heat the rest of the herbal decoction of water bath, add a teaspoon of honey and drink it 15 minutes before the first meal.

Drink used every day, until the end of the herbal mixture. It will take about three months. After each month of consuming the herbal infusion some experts advise to make a break for 7 days. Be used as a method of rejuvenation and cleaning every 5 years.

Contraindications and side effects


  • children under 12 years, pregnant and lactating women;
  • persons with intolerance of some components of the herbal mixture;
  • if you have a chronic illness in the period of exacerbation.

As the composition of the plant collection of the very strong and effective, it can cause some side effects. Among the phenomena occasionally experience the following:

  • pains in the liver area (due to the fact that the bile begins to be excreted from the body);
  • dizziness, slight nausea, and weakness (due to the presence of toxins);
  • itching and a rash on the skin (does not appear immediately, and around the fourth to sixth week of treatment, when it begins to purify the lymphatic system). During this period, it is recommended often take a shower in order to remove from the skin, then released along with the toxins.

Consumption of herbal Tibetan collection, limit the intake of the medications, because they can interact negatively with the composition.

Rejuvenation formula with lemon, honey and garlic

And the third recipe of young, proven as an effective tool that is proven by the hundreds of followers of Tibetan medicine, is a composition of lemon, garlic and honey.


Tibetan rejuvenation formula with lemon, honey and garlic will help to strengthen the immunity in the autumn-winter period

Steps in cooking

  • To start, take 10 lemons, 10 heads of garlic and 1 kg of honey.
  • Lemon grind in a meat grinder together with peel. Garlic RUB on a small grater.
  • Connect pureed with garlic chopped lemon and add 1 kg of honey, mix thoroughly.

The resulting mixture is stored in a cool place. Be taken 3 times a day 1 teaspoon before meals.

The course lasts up to full use of the prepared mixture, then a break of 7 days, and then the course to be repeated.

The result of using

  • strengthens the immune system, especially in the fall and winter and spring, when vitamin deficiency;
  • will be fatigue and headache;
  • improving the condition of skin and hair;
  • men increase the potency.

Despite all the advantages that means you should remember about the contraindications, including hypersensitivity, chronic kidney diseases and pregnancy.

Additional ways to rejuvenate

Using the recipes, do not forget about the main thing — for the health of the soul. To achieve anti-aging effect you need comprehensive effects. Using the methods outlined below, you will be able to achieve your goal faster.