Recovery of the organism, and the secrets of the young

Old age is a worried man from the beginning of Time. For many centuries, it tries to find the secret of youth. But, instead of the one secret he had found numerous methods for rejuvenation.  why is the aging of the organisation of the The content

  • Why the aging body?
    • Characteristics of the aging female body
    • Is it possible to slow down the process of aging?
  • Ways of slowing down aging.
    • Geroprotectors for rejuvenation
    • Adaptogens
    • Citamins
    • Biogenic stimulators
    • Lipotropes
    • Chelators
    • Antioxidants
  • A cure for old age
    • Fibroblasts to slow down the aging
    • How to not allow the brain to age?
  • The psychology of the young
  • Sex and aging
  • Prevention of aging
  • Conclusion

Why the aging body?

The human body starts to age even 12 years of age, when his cells cease to produce its own coenzyme. Each cell is coded for a certain number of divisions. Finally the cell ceases to function when the telomere at the end of it, it becomes shorter with each division, after a certain number of such divisions is dying. The brain is constantly losing, it creates new neurons and connections between them. Every night he was busy repairing the body, processing the information that it receives in the course of the day. But, there are other reasons for aging, which successfully creates the man. These are: ecology, mode of sleep-Wake, meals, sports, mental load, mental attitude.

Characteristics of the aging female body

 characteristics of the aging female body

The female body begins to age from youth. Already at the age of 17 years old girl, you can see the first signs of crow's feet in the skin around the eyes, fine lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows, dry skin and grayish color. With 35 years for the woman you may wonder about how to slow down the process of aging. Because at this age, depending on their individual characteristics, it begins to show other signs of aging:

  • Fade hair begin to fall out.
  • The skin becomes more dense, less soft.
  • The skin tone becomes uneven.
  • Over time, the corners of the eyes, eyebrows and lips drop.
  • Cheeks start to lose elasticity, forming folds in obese women.
  • Around the eyes form dark circles, swollen.
  • Wrinkles on the forehead become deeper.
  • A general view of the person loses juiciness, appears tired.
  • Your skin becomes thinner and drier.
  • The neck also ages it begins to be covered with wrinkles, but it becomes noticeable after the age of 40.
  • There is a second chin.
  • The breast starts to lose its form.
  • Parallel with the aging of the fat in the body begins unevenly distributed, concentrating on the abdomen, shoulders, hips. Appear the sides.
  • The buttocks lose firmness.

When the rejuvenation of the body slows down, women have reduced awareness of their sexuality. Sex for women is relegated to the background. After menopause a woman's self-esteem plummets, she clearly felt the approach of old age, causing the aging process only accelerates.

Is it possible to slow down the process of aging?

 ways of slowing down aging.

The aging process can slow down and the continuation of the youth with the use of different methods for rejuvenation of the organism. Men and women, although age different, to slow down the aging process they can equally and effectively. The man will gather all the methods to rejuvenate, except those which are directed to specific women.

Ways of slowing down aging.

I must say that the aging process can be slowed down at any age. Even if the person is already in retirement, life can begin. Chronic disease, age-related diseases can not be prevented and those who have set the goal of rejuvenation. Most importantly, begin to act and to not give up. There are many ways to slow down the process of aging and to rejuvenate your body and spirit..

Geroprotectors for rejuvenation

Geroprotectors name a substance, which temporarily showed its effect on the rejuvenation of the body and prolong life. Studies have shown that Geroprotectors play an important role in slowing down the process of aging, especially for older people.

 geroprotectors for rejuvenation

Some Geroprotectors substances has been studied only in animals that have shown really great results. But, their action is not yet 100% proven.

Some research suggests that the uncontrolled admission of these assets may cause the development of cancer. Be careful not to overdo it in the pursuit of youth!


It Geroprotectors of plant origin. Increase mental and physical capacity, normalize the metabolism, improve immunity, improve sleep. Of the Adaptogens of natural origin: ginseng root, Chinese Magnolia vine, aralia, eleutherococcus, pink rhodiola, wolfberry.


This blend of active biological substances. It is composed of peptides, vitamins, nucleoproteins, minerals. Their action is directed on regulation of cell production, improving the metabolism, healthy body. Medications: hepatamine, vazalamin, etc.

Biogenic stimulators

Stimulate the metabolism. Medications: apilak, extract of aloe, substances on the basis of the placenta or peloid.


These Geroprotectors reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. If the disease is already there, then they slow down its progression. Here are some of the preparations for the rejuvenation: the eikonal, omega-3, clofibrate, nicotinic acid, etc.


Removed from the body of toxins. Taken occasionally. Then, you need to enrich the colon with beneficial bacteria. Geroprotectors: POLYSORB, Polyphepanum, lactulose.


To reduce the level of harmful free radicals that destroy the cells. Fortunately, antioxidants are in the composition of most vegetables, drinks, herbs and a number vitamins. Anti-aging products can be called literally all kinds of vegetables and fruits in raw and processed form.

A cure for old age

 remedies for old age

There is no universal pill of youth, but there are some preparations to rejuvenate, to fight against certain diseases. In addition, they, as studies have shown, the continuation of life.

The leaders among the youth pill:

  • Metformin continuation of the health of the blood vessels and the heart;
  • Aspirin Cardio, stop and delay the thrombosis, a prophylactic from cancer;
  • Vitamins D, K, prolong the life potential of the heart, blood vessels, and starts the improvement of the body;
  • Melatonin (Circadin), which will affect a person lack of melatonin and the onset of the healing process of the body.

Fibroblasts to slow down the aging

Stable and Mature cells of the skin are called fibroblasts. Currently, many clinics of aesthetic medicine offer rejuvenation of fibroblasts. It is a type of the program of facial rejuvenation. For this procedure come from the patient's own fibroblasts, which are then spread in the laboratory. After this, in the form of injections are injected under the skin. Also, there is the beginning of the process of rejuvenation. The results are visible already after two weeks. The procedure is recommended for people with obvious signs of facial aging. That is, of about 45 years.

How to not allow the brain to age?

To stay as long as you can mentally active, it is necessary to force the brain to work. A few of the recommendations that the activation of the rejuvenation of the brain:

  • to read every day;
  • completely sleep;
  • drink water;
  • do not drink alcohol;
  • eat foods with high nutritional value, because the brain need food;
  • learn new useful information;
  • not to clog the brain of unnecessary information work;
  • learn foreign languages;
  • to grow creatively.

The psychology of the young

 the psychology of the young

The psychological aspect is important in my life. The psychological state able to slow down the aging process and to accelerate. Those who ignore this fact are mistaken.
Emotions cause a lot of chemical processes in the body, contributing to the continuation of the youth. The emotions can how to stop the aging process of time, and activate it. Recommended inner calm with a maximum awareness of their reactions. This does not mean that we should cease to feel emotions. This means that you have to learn to realize, to notice their nuances, to notice the nature of their impact on the body.

The man is like a musical instrument when a lot depends on the proper setting of the psyche. Psychological and mental techniques a lot. They all promise great effects, and very little of them, indeed, justify the expectations. The most important advisor is the man himself. Only he can to find the best option for control of your mental state. But, before you can study some already existing technology, choosing something you like.

Sex and aging

 sex and aging

Sex for youth is not less important than all other aspects of human life. During sex the human body produces hormone of happiness, through which the recovery of the body. In the process of sex train of muscle.

Sex, to a certain extent, can be called an excellent prevention of aging. It strengthens the immunity, accelerates the healing process during illness. It has been proven that sexually active people are happier and live longer than those who ignore it. Moreover, sex can engage people of all ages. If a person has exceeded 70, this does not mean that the subject of sex for him is closed. Man can do in her life, starting on the rejuvenation of the body, though slowly. What is the most important thing, to do it with love!!!

Prevention of aging

To prevent aging and need to be monitored, all the already known rules:

  • recovery of the organism;
  • maintenance of the vitality;
  • timely rest;
  • an optimistic attitude towards life;
  • eating the right food;
  • a healthy sex.


On the topic of aging and methods of rejuvenation are endless. Each era has kept his secrets to the young, who to this day help people. This issue requires more detailed consideration.