Care for skin after 35 years – 12 tips beautician

Women who want the right to care for the skin, after 35 years, the advice of the beautician will be very useful. Because the delicate skin suffers various changes in each age period of a woman's life.

rejuvenation after 35

In the 35 years of care can not be built similar to the protection of young girls. At the same time, women of this age group is still far from old age. You need to comply with several of the most severe recommendations.

We selected for you the most important rules which women tend to forget. Study and memorize, so that the skin always looked well-groomed and shiny!

After 35 treat your skin gently

It was after 35 years, the structure of the skin undergo significant changes. Namely:

  • slow metabolism;
  • the skin becomes thinner;
  • sharply reduces the production of collagen;
  • weakened muscle tone;
  • becoming more obvious nasolabial folds, corners of the lips lowered.

Given these characteristics, it is important to take certain steps to care. In this case, the irreversible process of age-related changes of the skin can significantly slow down. To care for the skin, as you can with the help of the experts in the salon and at home with yourself, important not to forget that the skin after 35 years requires special and careful treatment.

Most likely, it will be relevant, and tips for caring for skin in 30 years. We have gathered for you the best tips cosmetologists that will help maintain the youth!

Add to skin care after 35 years masks

rejuvenation of creams and masks

Proper skin care involves the systematic use of masks. It was not enough to make a mask from time to time (for example, occasionally when visiting the sauna, or the "day Spa"). Depending on the type of skin the mask is applied 1-2 times a week. Nourishing, moisturizing, resulting in skin tone and many other masks you can create for yourself, or purchased in cosmetic stores.

Women, on the border of which more than 35, you should definitely once a week apply a mask for rejuvenation. It is important to ensure that in its composition contains "the components of youth" hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen and a number of the vitamin group.

Lovers of healthy, homemade masks, you can use these natural ingredients:

  • the body of a watermelon;
  • carrots, egg yolk and potatoes;
  • base oil (almond, wheat germ, peach, etc.), lemon juice, egg yolk;
  • fruits, berries.

Select an effective cream for your skin type

Care for skin is very important to take into account the characteristics of each skin type. So, the owners of oily skin should not mindlessly use the funds for sensitive dermis. The aging of the skin, can no longer be satisfied with just a standard cream, is also popular among women under 30 years of age.

So, women with oily skin, it is advisable to change creams approximately every two months. Should not be permanently tied to one tool. The owners of the dry dermis should certainly choose a moisturizers. Also, this skin type will respond well to be applied before sleeping ointment with panthenol. Mixed skin appropriate creams with retinol and antioxidants.

Regardless of whether it is expensive or budget enjoys cream a particular woman, you should pay attention to the composition. Facials in the 35 years must necessarily include the use of funds from the collagen. Also essential is the use of creams with appropriate spf filter.

Do a proper night skin care after 35

night skin care

Evening care is a very important part of the daily routine for face care. It was the night of the whole body, including the skin, resting and gaining strength before the next day. In the morning to look fresh and active, it is recommended to apply a special night cream is a nourishing and regenerating action. Of course, the tool should be selected according to the type of skin. It is best if the cream for the face care after 35 years, will contain a coenzyme, peptides, hydroacids, natural ingredients, collagen and vitamins. Apply the cream after cleansing and toning. To perform this procedure before going to sleep for 1-1.5 hours, combine with self-massage.

Replace facial scrubs

Cosmetologists recommend to exclude from the program of the protection procedure with hard scrubs. This procedure and further contributes to the cleansing of the skin. The use of hard abrasive particles in the form of sea salt, ground coffee or apricot kernel gone. For the care of the body and person ladies after 35 years involves the use of a mild chemical peel. Such tools are very delicately removing the top layer of the dermis, gradually, "bringing in the light" new, young cells. The main elements of these peels are lactic, glycolic, and fruit acids.

Get rid puffiness under eyes

The delicate skin around the eyes 20 and 36 years – radically different phenomena. The main enemies of this delicate area – unhealthy eating habits, too much salt and mechanical action. Dark circles and bags under the eyes, will immediately appear as a consequence of the lack of sleep and insufficient rest. Improper nutrition and abuse of fast food is also not the best way affects the situation of women workers.

The habit of rubbing the eyes, as well as the use of improper tools for removing makeup, especially contributes to the appearance of swelling and bruising in the delicate area.

And lastly, a woman of 35 years should carefully monitor the level of salt and be sure to drink 1.5 liters of clean water a day.

Important! Consumption of pickles and other foods which contain salt, should be limited. To use them before bedtime and is not recommended.

Moisturize the area around the eyes

moisturizing the eyes

Another common reason for the appearance of bruises and bags is the lack of hydration of the skin around the eyes. Every woman, whether she is 30 or 37 care for the skin around the eyes become a constant friend and helper. To avoid the emergence of a network of fine wrinkles and other imperfections of the skin around the eyes, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Daily to remove makeup from the skin. It is unacceptable to go to bed with makeup during the night, skin needs to relax.
  • The best option for the removal of make – up- application of hydrophilic oil or two-phase serum. The product should be applied on a cotton pad and apply to eyelids for 5-10 seconds, and then gently removing makeup.

Important! You do not need to use gel for cleansing, not intended for the eyes. So we do not need to use normal soap!

Use serums and concentrates for aging skin

How to care for skin after 35 years include the use of anti-aging serums. As these assets are more concentrated structure compared to the face cream. Therefore, serums contain more nutrients and healthy skin elements. If in the beginning of the age women can and do without this beauty tool, after 35 years apply the serum every night before applying the cream is a necessity.

To get rid of the excess in the bag

It is believed that the 35 years is still the heyday of feminine beauty and youth, but the youth are left behind. It is the reason why the make-up women of this age need to be more ladylike and restrained. On the one hand, is to get rid of the all too bright and flashy in the bag, the other filling it in the most suitable cosmetic products.

So, for the care of the skin on the face 35 includes:

  • Using the BB cream. A versatile tool, performing the functions of day and creams, as well as make-up base;
  • The face concealer with lifting effect (immediately tightens the skin and disguises its flaws);
  • Cream for eyes from wrinkles;

Not to mention the fact that all cosmetics have to be of high quality and have current expiration dates.

Relax completely and eat

Many women note that after thirty years, there is a great need to relax. Also, dancing till the morning with friends, or sitting up late with the quarterly report requires more physical, and sometimes emotional effort. Another shortcoming of non-compliance with the regime of the day that lack of relaxation is not the best way affects the situation of women workers. So, after sleepless nights, the facial features become pointed like, all the imperfections of the skin is the most visible, giving the woman a tired look. Improper diet and alcohol, also, do not leave the best mark on the female face.

Sport can be an effective remedy for wrinkles

sport as a means of wrinkles

It seems – it has the sporty look of the wrinkles? It turns out that the direct. Proved that moderate exercise prolongs youth of the human body, helping to fight early signs of aging. So, scientists have discovered five types of exercises that prevent aging:

  • Aerobic exercise (swimming, running, Cycling) in particular, contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin;
  • Class load (pushups, pullups, squats) promotes updating of cages of a brain;
  • Fast walking rejuvenates the cardiovascular system;
  • Stretching (stretching) strengthens the spine;
  • Jogging prolongs the youthfulness of the face and the muscular system.

Important! To engage in some activities only possible in the absence of contraindications. Before the beginning of classes must obtain permission from the attending physician.

Care for skin after 35 years diversifies beautician

A visit to a beautician, have beneficial effects on the skin of any age. With quality cosmetic care of the signs of aging can be postponed for quite a long time.

So, the popular treatment for women after 35 years is:

  1. rejuvenating massage (improves muscle tone);
  2. mesotherapy (the introduction of beneficial products with the help of injections smoothes wrinkles and tightens skin);
  3. peeling (always gentle);
  4. laser resurfacing (contributes to more intensive production of collagen).