Stem cells rejuvenation

What is cell rejuvenation? It is fashionable to be beautiful, thin, radiating health. Only a few years ago makes it yourself Botox injections, today, a new trend in the fashion of the stem cells.

A detailed description

The primary human cells is stem cells. They are formed immediately after conception in a fertilized egg. The ability to become any type of cell that is their main distinctive quality. The cells of the embryo while it grows, the form of the brain, the liver, the stomach, the heart. Even after the birth of a child is still many of them, but every year them becomes less, up to 20 years in humans, almost no stem cells. It is a scientifically proven fact. But adults these cells is also needed – they always replace the affected in case of illness of any organ. In the course of the life bodies becomes a lot more diseases, but stem cells are reduced, so the person looks older.

A bit of history

A breakthrough in cell biology came in 1998, when american scientists were able to identify and clone lines of human embryonic stem cells. Then cell biology began to develop in two ways:

  1. 1. Studies for the treatment of serious diseases.
  2. 2. In clinical practice, the procedure "revitalization", i.e. rejuvenation injections with stem cells in an integrated approach with other cosmetic products.

How is stem cell rejuvenation?

Stem cells in the salons of beauty

In Russia there are no restrictions on the use of embryonic stem cells, therefore, cell therapy is everywhere. Any cosmetic salon mentioned in your price list of the stem cells. But, in practice, this injection of extracts from the tissues of embryos, but they can cause allergic reactions, and even rejection. And if the procedure is carried out not in the laboratory, there is a risk that the cellular material can be contaminated.


The body after the application of the procedure of the administration of the stem cells

In Russia the new technology of stem cell injections actively test the people of the West almost all the experiments carried out on animals. Stem cells are used increasingly, but what will be the effect in the future, is not yet known. None of the scientists can not give a forecast for the next 10-20 years, because by the end of the volume is not been studied. While stem cell therapy is considered alternative medicine. What's next, we'll see.

Where are the stem cells for rejuvenation

Now the Russian beauty centers and the use of several types of stem cells:

  1. 1. Embryonic stem cells. They are derived from liver, pancreas, brain human embryos with abortion, and then cultured in the material, the composition is similar to blood serum. All derived biomaterial after checking for viruses is set for the storage of liquid nitrogen.
  2. 2. The cells from the umbilical cord of a newborn, bone marrow. Treatment cells the navel is particularly effective among members of the same family. In Russia there is a Bank of stem cells, which can store the cord blood. The bone marrow sample taken from the iliac bone of the pelvis of an adult, and then and in the lab grow a big colony.
  3. 3. Stem cells isolated from the adipose tissue.

Delayed reaction

Stem cell rejuvenation is very popular.

Depending on the selected method, the effect of injection of cell material begins to appear only in 1-3 months. And why doctors do not they say about the visual effects of the rejuvenation, they focus on the improvement of the welfare of the patients. The person pays only the money, they give him the injection and he is waiting for the change for three months. In practice, the patient does not see a lot of changes in the body, the person, but feel that the body behaves differently: darker hair, appears visual acuity, sleep for 5-6 hours.

cellular rejuvenation

Some patients have reported that within a month began to read without glasses, gone General fatigue of the body, began to disappear wrinkles. But those who spoke about such changes a month, usually make the complex procedure of rejuvenation, which includes mesotherapy with injections to smooth the skin. In all cases, the patients had confidence in the hospital and doctors, about the consequences in the future thought. How is the treatment with stem cells?

The price of young

All the researchers agreed that the effect of the cell injection lasts for one year, after the expiration of this deadline the procedure is best to be repeated. As they say, if every 1.5 years to turn to specialists for cellular injection, the person will minimally be able to live up to 150 years. It is fair to say that stem cell rejuvenation is a very costly procedure, and do it 1 time in the 1.5 years is very expensive. It seems at least 17 thousand euros, and in this case, if the patient is young, healthy and just wants to slow down the process of aging. Older people and the more diseases, the more expensive it will be cell therapy, due to the fact that you will need more stem cells.

As it depends on the age

If the young organism to maintain the tone you need for the 20-35 million cells, a lady approaching retirement age with a bunch of diseases may not be enough and 200 million. According to experts, such a high price is justified, because the cultivation of the cells is a process that requires knowledge and high technology, and therefore are very expensive. If you offer these procedures at a lower cost, it is likely that these drugs have nothing to do with stem cells.

There are, however, state research institutions, there are injections cheaper, but the price still starts from 5 thousand US dollars. They used stem cells from the bone marrow. Also in the scientific institutions and the use of special growth factors cell – peptides. Because stem cells with the introduction of can not find the damaged organ and to show them the way proteins, which contain the cells of the body, forcing it to work and to seek means for self-recovery.

The youth of the skin


Those patients who are the courses for rejuvenation with stem cells in scientific-research institutions, noted that, after three weeks, gone fatigue, increased body tone, visual acuity was slightly decreased wrinkles, men have shown increased libido and improved potency. As you can see, the results of the therapy for the healing of the body and in cosmetic clinics, as well as research institutes that are the same, although the techniques they are totally different.

In the Institute, with the help of a special protein-a growth factor of the cells in the treatment rooms – additional mesotherapy. All of these further injections and treatments, according to doctors, aims to increase the effect due to the lack of a result of the treatment with progenitor cells from mesotherapy and additional protein has long been known as a great and effective way to smooth wrinkles.

Experts in cell therapy are silent on whether the negative results, and even without a result. And there are such cases, patients do not notice any change even after 3-6 months, but neither the clinic nor the NII does not reimburse the costs, because they do not guarantee that the body will find the strength to recover.

Cellular technologies. Their development in modern medicine

Despite the fact that there are positive results, doctors and the scientific community is extremely skeptical of this therapy. Many believe that, Yes, the discovery of stem cells and their cultivation is the greatest discovery in genetics since the time of the decoding of the structure of DNA, but it is not necessary to use for all, but only for the treatment of many serious diseases. Stem cells contain encrypted information about the whole organism, so you can develop not only a colony of cells, but also of the body.

Therefore, to use this technology for profit is unacceptable, because it is not fully understood and conduct of clinical research and experiments. Currently, in addition to cosmetic procedures, medical clinics, offer treatment for serious diseases injections with stem cells. In the price lists, it is written that diabetes, cancer, can be treated with injections. But the evidence of the recovered no. On the contrary, the opinions of experts that the rejuvenation of the cells causing cancer.

A positive effect

In the treatment of ischemic diseases, hormonal and immune diseases, certain disabilities in children are a great help of stem cells. At the end of 2015, the American scientists save the life of the boy who got a heart attack. He took his stem cells, and injected into the body. There are positive results of cell therapy in the treatment of parkinson's disease, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism. Of course, considering the scientific achievements, the injection of stem cells just to rejuvenate dull.

More depressing is the fact that the budget does not include the act of financing for the development of cell biology and the development of methods for the treatment of severe diseases in the leading research institutes and laboratories in Russia. Private clinics developments do not, they usually operate with a profit. Therefore, in Russia the cellular technology associated only with the procedure of rejuvenation, unlike the West, where he is actively funded by the research cell technologies in the treatment of serious diseases.

shot of rejuvenation

A serious choice clinic

In Russia currently, few clinics offer anti-aging treatments with stem cells. But, it is necessary to understand whether these cells. Often used only the cellular material. Therefore, before deciding on the procedure, you need to gather more information about the clinic, for her specialization, if she has a lab, if there are any, how they work, how effective they are working to try to find patients who have already received these funds.

Then to the clinic to ask to provide "Cell sheet" confirms that in stem cells there are no viruses. Prior to the introduction of cells that have to offer for screening. Even if the procedure is successful, the effect can be seen only 1-3 months, and not on the face or body, and the General condition of the organism. You will feel happy, full of energy. But this can not happen, because usually clinics do not take any responsibility for the consequences of rejuvenating stem cells. Warranty without clinics or research institutes do not provide.