Facial injections. Popular medications for facial rejuvenation

Facial injections – a modern method to make the skin beautiful and prevent signs of aging. Creams, masks and other cosmetic products is able to take care of only the surface layer of the epidermis, as a barrier layer of the skin gives the components of the composition to penetrate deeper.

But the drug for the injection of a person with the use of a needle or cannula penetrates as deep as possible, and that influence the formation of collagen and to maintain the necessary moisture level of the skin, and even the shape of the nose, chin and cheeks.

facial injections

Skin care

There are a number of medications intended for injection care of the skin. Their composition is combined, in most cases a component called hyaluronic acid. Facial injections of this substance as safe as possible: it is produced by the human body, it combines a number of functions, one of which is the attraction of water molecules. The young years when the body produces acid in sufficient quantity, the skin supple and hydrated from the inside.

After thirty years, the amount of the substances is slowed down, so it is advisable to make hyaluronic injection for the face. Sometimes the essence is to be used in its pure form, sometimes in the composition of the added vitamins that promote rejuvenation, regeneration, removal of pigmentation. This procedure is called biorevitalization, injections of vitamins – mesotherapy.

As a rule, to perform such cosmetic procedures, to have at least two times a year. Particularly relevant after the summer season, when the skin is damaged by intense ultraviolet radiation and require hydration and regeneration.


When discussing anti-aging injections of the face, in the first place, I think Botox and Dysport. These two drugs – absolute counterparts of each other, the difference is only in the country of origin and price.

anti-aging facial injections

The main ingredient of Botox and Dysport – botulinum toxin, a substance that blocks muscle movement, providing peace of 4-10 months. The skin over the muscle without movement is smoothed.

For a long time Botox was used only in the area of forehead, nose bridge, external corners of the eyes. But, new treatments have greatly expanded the possibilities of the drug: it can be used to make the upper lip fuller, shots in the area between her nose and botulinum toxin, the neck is smooth with injections in the subcutaneous muscles of the neck, eyelids – raised him because of the injections above the eyebrows.


In order to make lip more plump, her chin is larger and the cheekbones – above the applied filler. They represent the gels, which are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin and remain there from one year to several years, depending on the composition.

The hyaluronic acid fillers differ from the structure for biorevitalization its density. The denser the gel is, the greater the chance to create a "sculptural effect". Fillers dense texture great for contour plastic surgery on chin and cheeks: these gels will not melt, migrate to other tissues, the longer to retain the effect and evenly disappear.

Facial injections are somewhat different from the composition for lip augmentation and change of their form. As a rule, most manufacturers create a separate structure to change the shape of the mouth, which, on the one hand will retain the naturalness and softness of the lips, on the other hand, will allow the composition to migrate or to weight down the corners of the mouth.


Product for injections face hyaluronic acid is not the only option, which can choose the patient beautician. Such compositions are preferred for those who want to experiment with the layout and to see how he will be a "new" plump lips or larger cheekbones. If the result is not satisfied, then it will disappear and after a few months without intervention, or a few hours after the injection.

"Radiesse" is a popular filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite. Despite the fact that hyaluronic acid is considered the most secure due to the fact that the human immune system does not perceive its molecules as antigens, drug "Radiesse" also, rarely are the reasons for the refusal.

Its density makes it possible to generate more precise sculpture of the man: to simulate the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, and even nose. On average, its effect lasts 2-3 times longer than the effect of the preparations based on hyaluronic acid. Therefore, the price of which is usually a little higher price is justified due to the prolonged effect.

Lift and sculpture the face

Not to say that the person injections are strictly confidential, and modeling are carried out separately from the filling of deep wrinkles. With the contour you can achieve significant lifting of the skin. Beauticians have long been used method of destruction nasolabial folds with the help of the filler in the cheeks, due to which the skin stretches and smoothes the wrinkle.

Earlier, when it was filler located directly under the wrinkle, often had the effect of "heavy", tired people. In addition, the drug with the course of time, migrated under the influence of gravity, the creation of the "stretching along the cheeks", if you typed in a number and do not have time to disintegrate completely before the migration.

lift and sculpture the face

If the filler is made of hyaluronic acid, it not only changes the shape of the face, but makes the skin more hydrated due to the effect of the attraction of the water molecules. When the skin hydrated so deep where no one can penetrate through the barrier layer there is no cream, the face looks young and fresh.

Methods of administration of drugs

There are three main ways that make beauty injections. Chief among these is the introduction of the drug through the needle. It allows you to distribute the drug locally in the area in which you want information. In addition, most of the drugs released by manufacturers is already full with a special needle.

Less facial injections are carried out using the cannula. It looks similar to an Igloo, but has a sharp tip with a hole and rounded, and the hole through which the drug enters, is located on the side of the bodies. Due to the blunt end, the procedure does not create the injury, and then rehabilitation after the visit to the beautician is reduced by several times.

And finally, biorevitalization and mesotherapy can be performed using the apparatus of the roller with needles of different lengths and thicknesses, which are "ride" in the skin applied to the drug - Mesoroller. The advantage is that it can be used at home, although professional device with which to perform treatment in a salon or clinic much more efficient.

Indications for the procedure

Today beauty injections should become an integral part of the effective and reliable protection. Modern cosmetology does not consider certain restrictions on the age of the person, after that you can start to introduce the acid, fillers and Botox. The director is a direct indication for the procedure – wrinkles, dry skin, and so on.

Biorevitalization can be performed at any age, but most often the injections are 18-20 years old are needed. But if the skin is sun-burn, the consequences of improper care, cruel or mechanical, chemical peels, biorevitalization or mesotherapy can be performed and the patient at the age of 18 years.

indications for the procedure

Dysport and Botox eliminate facial wrinkles, which can appear at any age. Drugs are safe, but with regular use, the body develops resistance, that is, each time the dosage will have to increase as much as even the maximum dose will cease to be effective. Usually this time period is 20-30 years, that is, she began to use Botox to smooth wrinkles in 20 years, 50 years is likely to remain completely without any tools in front of the advancing signs of decay.

In this regard, cosmetologists are advised to delay the start of the use of botulinum toxin, at least up to 30-35 years. Although statistically the threshold of the beginning of the use of Dysport and Botox are growing every year.

Fillers for contour correction is carried out according to the indications. But, as a rule, any cosmetic facial injections are applied only after the patient is 18 years of age.


Before performing injections of facial wrinkles, you must make sure that the condition are able to withstand outside interference.

First, you need to examine the skin in the location of injections, inflammation, scratches, abrasions, acne are contraindications for the procedure. Also, the doctor needs to find out the history of the patient: if he is not the same procedure as before, whether there were complications or allergic reactions.

contraindications for the procedure

Also, there are absolute contraindications that expressly prohibits any injections for the face:

  • cancer;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • mental illness;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • autoimmune processes;
  • HIV infection;
  • any abnormality in the active phase.

Relative contraindication is the period of menstruation in women. It does not affect the outcome of the procedure, it can aggravate it, increasing the time of treatment of the skin and increase the bleeding.

As a rule, Spa treatments don't require patients questions about the status of health, but it is better to visit a therapist before you decide to take advantage of the benefits of injectable cosmetic treatments, to hand over clinical and biochemical blood tests, complete urine analysis.


The main complication when undertaking any cosmetic procedure is a subjective mismatch between expectations of patient outcome. Rarely there are really obvious problems: the migration of the gel, the penetration of the infection, along with medication allergic reaction.

The advantage of the filler and hyaluronic acid is able at any time to remove it from the tissues with the help of the enzyme. Bring Botox is impossible, but its effect is short, so very fast the downside of the procedure will cease to be visible, and the person will look the same as before.

Statistical complications occur in case if you are using a defective medication or a cosmetologist does not have enough training or the necessary education. Therefore, when choosing the doctor and clinic should pay attention to the expertise of doctors and the quality, the certificates of all the drugs that are used, and not on low prices, promotions and discounts. The beautician who performs the injection must have a medical degree.