Intimate rejuvenation: types and procedure

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the issues related to the sexual sphere. In the nineteenth century and now famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud declared her guilty of all our problems, stating the fact that the intimate side of life and has a primary impact on all aspects of the person.

In the light of these discoveries, of course, is to ensure that nothing prevented us to conduct basic instinct: not caused by some reason or other defects of the vagina or the low sensitivity of its walls or other side-effects. For this was invented the technique of intimate rejuvenation. On the contrary, it is a range of techniques, each of which has specific indications. In General, they are designed to eliminate muscular dystonia of the vaginal tissue caused by mechanical damage, stretching or simply occur with age.

The procedure helps to solve not only problems of a sexual nature. Sometimes it is only necessary to resort for medical reasons.

The content

  • What is the intimate rejuvenation
    • The indications for the procedure
  • Types of intimate rejuvenation
  • Contraindications
  • The possible consequences

What is the intimate rejuvenation

Some women believe that aging skin is exclusively intended for the face. In fact, they have already adapted to any part of the body, which can be both outside and inside. Including effects can be and of the vaginal walls. To this end, apply the same methods as for the person, however, the procedure has some features

 the intimate zone

When it comes to the intimate area, the problem lies not in the aesthetic side of the question. To resort to other methods for the rejuvenation of the women to cause far more serious reasons. With age or as a result of mechanical impact (damage or stretching) of the vaginal tissues lose tone, follow and sensitivity. In addition, problems may occur that require treatment. For example, the dryness and pain. In this scenario, a gynecologist can advise on the intimate rejuvenation.

The indications for the procedure

Here is a list of the main reasons why women resort to rejuvenation of the intimate zone:

  • discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • dryness of the vagina;
  • on the contrary, the excess of the distribution (above the norm);
  • loss of sensitivity;
  • the increase in the vagina;
  • stretching of the membrane and scarring;
  • the loss of volume of the labia, moderate violations;
  • the inaccessibility of the clitoris;
  • urinary incontinence (except advanced cases);
  • the inability to achieve orgasm.

These problems can be resolved by cosmetic methods. You need to pay attention to one peculiarity: they are not critical from a medical point of view. But for such serious problems as prolapse of the organs in the pelvis and the strong deformations caused by damage, there are surgical techniques. Intimate plastic not traditionally been taken to refer to the procedures for rejuvenation in the list of possible manipulations, it stands out. However, then you will get it too.

By the way, intimate rejuvenation procedure that is suitable for both women and men. Often men resort to fiber technique, as the theme set in the skin of the penis, create a legal framework that will help to restore erections to their former strength.

Before you engage in intimate plastic or cosmetology, you must ensure the absence of gynecological diseases, as it can cause the above problems. In this case, you do not need rejuvenation treatment.

In order to not interfere with the choice of the physician who will perform intimate rejuvenation, you need to pay attention to his specialty. It should be a gynecologist, not a beautician or even more people with secondary and not higher medical education, because of the selection process and assessment of their appropriateness in each specific case it is necessary a complete medical examination and exclusion of gynecological diseases. Also, it is important a skilled assessment of the patient directly during a session and the intervals between them.

Types of intimate rejuvenation

 intimate rejuvenation for men and women

There are different ways by which you can return to the young the intimate area. They are divided into 4 groups:

  • laser;
  • injectable;
  • fiber;
  • surgical.

Laser hair rejuvenation

In the course of this procedure uses the same laser beam, as well as in the rejuvenation of the different areas of the face and body. The method is painless and does not result in creation of unpleasant consequences. The device, which is impact, is introduced directly into the vagina (intravaginal technique). The whole procedure takes no more than 20 minutes. It is possible to conduct manipulations and on the outer part of the vagina of the clitoris and labia.

During the visit of the patient is in the visit of the chair, relaxes and feels the warmth and small vibration. Anything more is not necessary: neither anesthesia, nor the treatment after the treatments. The only thing that the doctor uses the laser, it is a special swab is used to dry the inside of the vagina. At the time of exposure it must be absolutely dry.

 laser hair rejuvenation

In the course of the procedure, the skin is virtually impossible injury. But later it starts to peel off and gradually restored. The structure of the deeper tissues, is also slightly changed. As a rule, after 5 days the process can be considered completed. During this period, the vaginal walls are narrowed, it returns the sensitivity. To achieve the effect you may need to repeat the procedure.

If the exposed area of the Clit and labia, they become more elastic. But, do not hope that the method will help to change their form.

Injection method

The most common is a technique of contouring, which is based on the effects of hyaluronic acid (biorevitalization). Procedure, as in the case of laser safe and painless. The active substance is entered in the field located at the entrance of the vagina or on the walls. The body responds to hyaluronic acid for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, begins the process of regeneration of the cells, causes the tone of the tissues is increased in a natural way. In addition, there is a large volume, which tends to disappear with age. In principle it can be compared with the usual procedure of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. And mechanism, and the effect is similar. In addition, after the course of sessions, the sensitivity of the intimate area increases, disappear dryness and sagging a little increase on the walls of the vagina.

Usually the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not experience discomfort. The duration depends on which areas they need to fix and how many injections are made. The number of sessions also varies, usually 2-5 with an interval of a few days. After six months or one year, the effect will slowly disappear, and sometimes of the clinic is to visit more often: once in 3 months.

In addition to hyaluronic acid for injection can be used plasma with platelets obtained from the blood of the patient. This procedure is called PRP therapy, and, also, requires more sessions. However, it does not affect the volume of the tissue, so the majority of women still pick up hyaluronan.

Intimate injection method of rejuvenation is suitable for men, especially if you want to add a little volume or slightly corrected form. It should be remembered that unlike surgical techniques, the intimate beauty can not fundamentally solve the problem with the size of the penis.

Intimate beauty, unlike plastic, does not provide stable effect, therefore, the procedures should be carried out regularly.

 rejuvenation topics

Rejuvenation topics

This method is used in order to reduce the vaginal area and increase of elasticity and improvement of erection in men. The technique lies in the installation of special topics (mono, 3d, 4d), which create the support frame, eliminating the sagging of the tissues. As a rule, they are made from the material is caprolactone, which is gradually resorbed. This operation is completed in 12 to 18 months. Then, the procedure must be repeated.

The obvious advantage of this method is the absence of the need for additional sessions. If the threads are not many, they are all installed at one time.

Regardless of what method intimate rejuvenation is applied, any special care of the impact area after the completion of the procedure is not required. It is enough to observe the rest: a couple of days to abstain from sexual contact, to follow hygiene, to avoid spas, saunas, steam rooms, pools, and strenuous exercise. Sometimes the doctor prescribes candles for the speedy recovery of the tissue.


Briefly to intimate plastic

Sometimes women and men to engage in the methods of the intimate rejuvenation in the hopes that it will radically solve their problems with the shape and size of the genital organs. This is a great misconception.Cosmetology in the opportunity to rectify the situation, to the same effect, it is temporary. Therefore, with the strongly expressed disadvantages the output is only intimate plastic, which is in full operation, which is performed under General anesthesia and requires a long (more than month) for a refund.

The following are the main types of plastics:

  1. Labiaplasty plastic labia the change in their shape and size. The technique of the work is simple, as well as all manipulations are performed from the outside.
  2. Hymenoplasty. Restoration of virginity. By the way, in addition to the main method and the rapid method should not be operated. Imitation hymen is created under local anesthesia in 10-15 minutes. However, the effect in this case is enough for 10-20 days. But, most women that is enough.
  3. Vaginoplasty. The most complex operations. You will work directly with the tissues of the vagina, including internal.


No matter which method intimate rejuvenation was not elected, that in any case includes at least the minimum, but the damage to the tissue, and for the time of the fuel in the body is still receiving foreign substances. Therefore, the procedure has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic diseases in exacerbation stage;
  • the increase of temperature of the body;
  • inflammatory processes in the area of anticipated impact;
  • benign or malignant tumors in the genital area, both external and internal.

The possible consequences

No laser, no injection methods intimate rejuvenation can cause serious complications, as it is a relatively safe procedure. However, you may experience some negative consequences:

  • allergic reactions (in the case of the introduction in the tissues of hyaluronic acid or other substances);
  • redness and edema;
  • discomfort and increased sensitivity in the affected area.

All these symptoms are unstable and are around 4-5 days, and even earlier. But intimate plastic, not everything is so simple.The surgical intervention can heal within 2-3 months, keeping the swelling and pain. After that, as a rule, is better. However, after vaginoplasty and labiaplasty (labial) rarely, a persistent complication in the enhanced deformation, which is at the beginning of the work had to be repaired. In this case, will require re-intervention.