Face rejuvenation after 50 years in the house


The body of the woman after 50 years is beginning to change, and it directly affects the skin. Becomes dry and thin. Most decreases with age of the skin-fat layer of the neck and face, and because of this, and appear dry. Changing the amount of hyaluronic acid and the collagen structure and the skin of the neck and the face begins to SAG. With age, the skin recovers slower, the worse is saturated with oxygen and nutrients.

Causes and skin condition in women after 50 years

Also, women's skin is under the influence of hormonal changes, i.e. menopause. By reducing levels of estrogen, which is responsible for the activity of the sebaceous glands, decreasing the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

The consequences of menopause can be seen on the face, it becomes drier, elasticity diminishes and age spots appear. As there are dark circles under eyes and bags. On the forehead, around the eyes and above the lip wrinkles. Begins to SAG, the chin.

For the maintenance of the skin at a high level, you must seek competent specialist. In most clinics there are clinics of aesthetic cosmetology. Experienced beauticians will help you to choose the exercises for rejuvenation of the face after 50 years.

It is better to conduct the procedure at least once a month. And can be used in a set of procedures, in the direction of strengthening of the skin. For example, massage, mask, chemical peels, mesotherapy and many different programs.

Also suitable for revitalising and nourishing treatments. Specialists in the modern salons will explain what is the necessary cosmetic procedures for the face after 50 years.

There are many preparations to rejuvenate the skin, to correct age-related changes, line rejuvenation – these assets effectively to help them to acquire a well maintained and toned face.

Effective face rejuvenation after 50 years

After 50 years it is time more attention to his person.

First, you need to eat, to exercise and to effectively protect the skin from adverse external factors. Our body consists of 70% water. It is therefore necessary to use a lot of different drinks to replenish fluid loss. The morning start with a cup of water and you will notice how soon the skin will start to transform.

Bad habits negatively affect the skin, appear dry and blemishes. Alcohol, Smoking and the abuse of the sun have a negative impact on the quality of the skin. A poor diet also leads to deterioration of the appearance of the skin. Overeating is directly reflected in the beauty of the face. To support the great skin and health you need to eat vitamins Is and And. this starts With proper care in 50 years.

The main role in face rejuvenation after 50 years is nutritional and cleansing.


Cleaning the face morning and evening. Thus it is necessary to wash not just the water, and infusions of herbs. It is also useful to tone the skin with the rub with ice cubes made from the infusion of herbs.

After washing face, apply a special cream.

In the morning, it is best to use a cream, but for an evening suit of nutrients. The choice of the cream, carefully study its composition.

Medications to fight wrinkles contain vitamins B and D. these vitamins are responsible for the division, growth and renewal of cells.

In your cosmetic bag should be of a anti-aging cream. Quality brand of face cream significantly improves the skin of the face after 50 years. For a safe choice of quality tools that use the advice of a cosmetologist-specialist.

Modern methods of rejuvenation of the face after 50 years

Taking care of the person in the home, do not limit yourself to only using the cleansing and nourishing masks.

A few times a week is necessary to apply a nourishing cream. A professional cosmetologist will help you choose the right cosmetics. In addition, the hydrating mask can be done both at home and in the salon.

For the face also useful in steam baths. Through the steam of the face muscles relax, and it improves color of the skin.

We recommend that you buy a high-quality serum with hyaluronic acid. These drugs help to restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Serum is applied before the face cream.

Care for the skin, do not forget to care for around the eyes. For this you will need to choose a moisturizer based on your age and skin condition.


Below we consider some cosmetic procedures, after 50 years, you can easily even at home. There are many recipes of masks from which you can choose the more appropriate for yourself.

Experts recommend to make the mask three times a week.

And best of all to conduct these procedures courses. For example, one mask, use more than two weeks, then choose another. By using this tip, you help to prevent the habituation of the skin with the mask, and this has a positive effect on the efficiency.

Mask, firming of the skin on the face

Face rejuvenation after 50 years without surgery is possible! You just need to intensify the production of these we need the collagen fibers. This purpose make a firming mask that will improve elasticity and give the skin elasticity. An effective composition for home use is gelatin and lanolin.

Mask of gelatin is prepared in the following manner: on low heat dissolve in 50 ml of water and 15 g of gelatin.

In chilled mass add 50 ml of juice of cucumber and 5 ml of aloe.

Mask apply on the face for 25 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Mask, which includes lanolin can do it: mixed 25 g of cream, 14 ml of carrot juice, 16 ml of the juice of potato and 16 ml of the juice of the lemon. To vegetable mixture add 10 g of melted candle wax, 14 oz oil of wheat germ and 5 ml lanolin.

To pull the skin mask from milk whey. It is prepared from 15 g of gelatin and 100 ml of serum. Gelatin dissolve in a water bath and add 4 drops of wheat germ and jojoba oil.

Mask to nourish the skin

These masks moisturize the skin and restore the lipid metabolism, make the skin smooth, soft and clean. The hydrating mask is placed on the skin, about 25 minutes. The mask can be washed off with cold water. Most nursing covers are potatoes, eggs and honey.


Egg mask is prepared as follows: beat the egg whites with the lemon juice. The resulting mass is applied for the cleaning of the skin. After drying, wash off the mask and apply another mixture prepared with lemon juice, egg yolks and 14 drops of olive oil. Once the mask dries, wash it off with cold water.

Honey masks on the face of the special effects. For this mask you need to melt 14 ounces of honey, and add 15 ml of the green tea and stir. Ready mixture is applied on the skin in several layers, and wash off after 20 minutes.

To give freshness to the face will fit potato mask. You need to boil the potatoes and grind into a puree. To the mixture add 30 ml of milk and egg yolk. The mixture is applied on the face and cover with a soft cloth.

If not there is a desire to prepare their mask, you can use ready-made products or cosmetic oil for the face after 50 years.

Select the checked masks from the best manufacturers.

Massage of the face

Facial massage increases blood circulation, oxygenates the skin, and slows the rate of aging. In the salon professionals practice different techniques of massage. This procedure improves the condition of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, saturates the tissues with oxygen. Massage speeds up the healing process of the skin and improves the mood. After the first session feel amazing relaxation.

Special popularity of the Japanese anti-aging massage on the face. This type of massage prevents the appearance of the cheeks. After the completion of the course will reduce the puffiness and bags under the eyes. Many patients with massage rid of a double chin.

After 50 years of skin starts to hang, so you need to pay attention. Therefore a massage after 50 years, is best done in the salon by professional therapists. The wrong activities for the time of massage can deform the skin, and it will only worsen the already difficult situation. Wrinkles can become deeper. Not a well executed procedure leads to irritation. So after 50 years it is not necessary to do massage by yourself. It is best to consult with competent professionals, who know the massage technique.

Go to the salon for a massage, remember that for the best effect of this procedure is possible only after the whole subject. Visit the massage therapist once a month, do not expect concrete results. The skin condition will start to improve only after a few treatments.

Methods for rejuvenation of the face after 50 years

For effective rejuvenation you need on a monthly basis and visit a beautician.


Cosmetologist will examine your face and will choose the optimal care program.

You need a comprehensive approach to the process of rejuvenation.

50 years, it is not enough just to care for the person at home. In the salon you will be able to try on the latest techniques, the effect of which can easily be held in the home.

In the salon you can pick up the hardware procedures that will help in the fight against age-related signs of aging. Patients who have undergone this course, I notice great results. The skin of the face becomes more fresh and smooth. Today, there are a number of different ways, but is a widely used laser face lift. This method of fighting wrinkles is the best way for those who do not want to resort to surgery. To effectively rejuvenate the face is possible with the help of mezonitei. An important point for young skin is the treatments for the rejuvenation of the face after 50 years.

To find the assets need to be labeled 50+. A common occurrence among many women cream Vichy. But, this brand is not for everyone. So before you buy creams, masks, serums and other drugs should consult with a specialist.

You do not need to indulge in masks, massage and other care professional. You do not need to skimp on resources.

Pay attention to the choice of decorative cosmetics. All products for the face after 50 years must be with high quality.

The poor quality of the products can worsen skin problems.

For example, a bad Foundation can cause unpleasant rashes and irritation on the face.

Studies show that a bad mood negatively affects the skin. Increased anxiety, negative emotions are the cause of new wrinkles. Smile more often. Rejoice minor details. Keep bright and positive attitude towards life, and you will notice how your face look younger.



Not all treatments after 50 years gave a positive result. If you want to get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin and other age-related changes, make the plastic facelift. This procedure can be non-surgical and operating room. Any method for quickly and without any complications rejuvenates a woman's face.

Effective form of facelift without surgery is the rejuvenation with the laser. In the course of the procedure of making incisions, through which are introduced the smallest optical fibry. To the desired areas of the skin of them enters the laser beam. It burns excess fat, including subcutaneous fat.

After the completion of the procedure significantly less fat, and the skin becomes smooth and even. It should be noted that the dermal layer can pull up only under the influence of the temperature. While at the beginning to produce elastin and collagen, restoring elasticity. For the lasting effect of laser facelifts need to have in the course of four treatments per month. In two weeks will be visible effect.

Mezoniti, endoscopic facelift and the SMAS-lifting

Facelift mezonityami gained great popularity. Hardware face rejuvenation after 50 years and nitevoi lifting is easily tolerated by women of any refund. Lift mezonityami gives excellent results.

During this procedure the soft tissue of the skin covered yarn. They help to lock the specific location of the facial points. A result of the tightening lasts for two years.

Endoscopic lifting helps to get rid of a variety of age-related changes. The plastic is carried out with the use of the endoscope and does not require additional surgical intervention. For this facelift plastic surgeon enough to perform a few pieces. Seems they are not visible, they are hidden in the hair. The result of the procedure is stored up to 10 years.


SMAS lift is done by surgery. For this procedure, penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue. The work is complex, but the recovery period passes quickly. A few months later the skin is completely recovered from the surgery.