The basics of caring for your skin after 30 years of age

Caring for your skin after 30 years – repeatedly been the subject of the women who notice the first signs of aging, inherent in all under-age. The number and severity of wrinkles, the appearance of sagging, dryness, signs of fatigue can be influenced by many factors, which include way of life, a respect for sleep, rest, hormonal balance, eating habits, genetic predisposition, bad habits, chronic diseases of the body. There are a lot of tips to help you slow down the process of aging, but special attention should be paid to the details, which you have to care for your skin after 30 years of age.

If you are over the age of

skin care after 30

Totally wrong in their claim that the flowering of female beauty have on 18-25 year olds. On the contrary, the closer to the age of or even later when he finally found his own style, gained confidence in myself, gained much experience, and we can talk about this attraction. Unfortunately, just at this period beginning the age-related changes. The slower regeneration of skin cells, a reduction in the amount of the produced collagen and the reduction of elasticity lead to visible changes.

Skin after 30 years of age are more prone to the appearance of signs of fatigue, under eye circles, spider veins, dryness, and the change of the color. Some of the women are already 30-35 years old, are complaining of the change in the shape of the face that occurs due to sagging of the cheeks, with visible sagging of the corners of the mouth, marked nasolabial folds, the deterioration of the delicate skin around the eye area.

I care about the person it is better to start long before the first signs of aging, then it is easier for you to achieve your desired result, slow down the aging process and look younger than your age. The weight of the day to day issues, lack of time or laziness, are often confused with attention to himself correctly, but it should be remembered that the abundance of decorative cosmetics is not able to solve the problem.

All-inclusive care

For your skin after 30 years of age, it is important a daily basis for overall protection. The regularity of the conduct of morning and evening sessions, as well as the proper use of a variety of beauty products is one of the most important rules to keep you in the fight for beauty. Home basic manipulation of the skin, don't have a lot of time, but it needs to become an integral part of my life.

The stages of the health-care of skin at home include cleansing, toning, apply a nourishing cream.

Proper hygiene

Rule of thumb is to start every morning with the right cleaning, removing it from the surface, the sebum, waste products of the cells. You just need to wrap up the day, washing away the make-up, together with particles of dust, dirt.

Contact the face only with clean hands to prevent infection, the development of the inflammatory process, so first they have to be cleaned thoroughly. You will have to get rid of the habit of touching your skin in the course of the day, with no apparent need. Cleaning, it is important to increase the effectiveness of the subsequent application of the cosmetic product, to which it will be difficult to get in the way of the Horny layer cells.

Cleaning is best suited for a special foams, gels, selected in accordance with the type of the skin. It is not necessary for it to be used for this purpose, usually a soap, in particular, when the tendency to be dry and flaky. Many cosmetologists recommend you wash the filter, it is dissolved or cooked in water at a room temperature not to feel the effects of the chlorine contained in the water. Washing with too hot or cold water, leading to a spasm of the blood vessels, enhancing the development of skin fat. In the evening, the cleaning should be more thorough. If a person has a cosmetic, it is recommended to use means for the removal of make-up, it will considerably simplify the task. A small amount applied to a cotton pad, and gently carried along the lash line of the upper and the lower eyelid. RUB the eye can not, it can lead to the penetration of the cosmetics on the membrane, breakage, damage to the cilia. After washing the face, do not RUB, and gently pressing with a towel.


This phase of care is necessary for recovery after cleaning up the normal acid-alkaline pH balance also prepares the skin for the application of the nourishing cream. It is necessary to be carried out twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Proper toning is one of the steps to improve the microcirculation, improve elasticity, smooth and give the face freshness. On a cotton pad and soaked it with the help of a tender carried out by the nose, along the massage lines.

For oily skin a tonic with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, which is also able to prevent the development of acne, the appearance of the lesions due to the normalization of the sebaceous glands.

Women with problematic skin, which often arise acne, so it is better to choose a tool with an alcohol component, and which dries the inflamed areas.

Remember, alcohol tonics are not suitable for dry skin, even in the case of a pre-existing rashes and acne

Very often there are problems with the selection of cosmetics for the care of the skin, for combination skin, tending to increase the development of oil, T-zone, dryness on cheeks. In this case, it is preferable to use cleaning foams and gels for oily type, and only in this area.

Nutrition, hydration


This is an important part of taking care of your skin after 30 years of age, due to not being able to keep enough water in the tissues, leading to a loss of freshness, firmness, elasticity, and resulting in it to wrinkle.

The most suitable moisturizer can you recommend a beautician is not superfluous to read reviews or first-time use probes in order to avoid the possibility of allergic reactions

The experts recommend that you squeeze a little cream on the back of his hand, warming up to room temperature in order to increase its efficiency, and it is applied to the face. Nutrient remedy evenly with gentle strokes. The delicate skin around the eyes requires special attention and special protection, available to be used on the basis of the existing problems, for example, of the puffiness, bags, lines.

If you set out to improve the condition of your skin, reduction of wrinkles, recover a youthful look, don't skimp on a nutritious cream. Do not apply too little or an excessive amount of, so as not to interfere with the natural breathing. If you have used too much of make-up, the excess should be carefully removed with a napkin.

Every day a person should have to be made at the latest within a period of half an hour prior to going outside during the hottest time of the year, the winter has been, it is recommended to allow for sufficient time for at least an hour, then it means that you will have the time to get to the recipe, and well, it would be good to protect the skin. Cosmetics night care is being used for an hour before going to bed, or before.

The condition of the skin and the severity of wrinkles in women after 30 could differ a great deal. In addition to basic care, it is helpful to be involved in the anti-aging cosmetics that contain peptides, vitamins, retinol. To strengthen the vascular wall, improvement of nutrition, microcirculation beauticians suggest remedies, with Arnica extract, marine algae, horse chestnut.

The rules for the application of cosmetics

Estheticians pay special attention to the precision application of creams and other cosmetics to attain the desired effect, you will fail at a constant stress, tension, over-massage the problem areas, which are:

  • by all means is gently apply it with your fingers, is easy to float along the surface and into the ground going from the center of the face, the arm must be relaxed;
  • around the eyes where skin is very thin and delicate, allowed the light of the Pat, for example, on the middle and ring fingers;
  • a manipulation should not cause a nuisance, the control of the power of the pressure;
  • we don't have to remember to take care of the the neck and décolleté, which are also the subject of aging, and give it to the woman's age.

The care of the skin around the eye area after 30

The skin around the eyes is quite thin and sensitive, so they are more prone to the first signs of ageing, wrinkles, puffiness, bags. In order to avoid such unpleasant phenomena only, providing full, high-quality and ongoing customer care.


The reduction of the regenerative capacity of the skin, over the years, to a loss of moisture, elasticity, primarily affecting the skin around the eyes, which betrayed the youthful, and in addition to seeking the healthy life and fit the contours of the face. Cosmetics caring for the vulnerable region, you have to appear in the Arsenal of the fair sex, before the age of. An important role is played by the further action to be taken to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, puffiness and sagging in the eyelids. It seriously affects the appearance, the habit of going without glasses for the sun, having to squint, straining the facial muscles, which leads to a deepening of the wrinkles. A strong stretching of the skin and loss of elasticity can contribute to the systematic overeating in the course of the night, or drinking large amounts of fluids before going to bed.

The thickness of the skin around the eyes is approximately four times lower than in the other areas of the face is about 0.5 mm, is almost devoid of subcutaneous fat, sebaceous glands, so that it is more sensitive, prone to dryness, and the premature loss of the elasticity. The area is daily subjected to a heavy load, the frequency of the bumps in one day is about 24 thousand times, and hence, at the beginning of the appearance of facial wrinkles. Depending on the condition of the skin and its supposed to start at least the basic care, it may be 20-25 years old.

A proper gentle cleansing around the eye area is extremely important. The gross mistake is neglecting to remove make-up at the end of the day, do not leave the makeup on until the next morning, no matter how strong, there was a sense of fatigue. Use a special lotion or other products to remove eye make-up, I can't remember, all movements should be soft. Most of the products contain nourishing, moisturizing oil that help to dissolve waterproof cosmetics, as well as the plants, in order to neutralize the effects of the irritation. Oily creams are not recommended, especially in the presence of a contact lens.

for the care of the skin

The area around the eyes requires special care and the choice of facilities solely for this sensitive area. Discard the cosmetics the oils and other ingredients in the composition may cause irritation, discomfort or reactions on the skin

The cream on the skin around the eyes has become a daily tool for maintenance, it shouldn't cause you any discomfort or burning sensation, it does not cause redness and allergies. In the presence of wrinkles is better to choose a cream that is well absorbed and to compensate for the lack of lipids. Applied it carefully, avoiding contact with mucous membranes. If you have any tendency to edema, can be easier for a lighter moisturizing gel, with your fingers barely touching, his desire to be on the outer corners of the eyes, the nose, the lower eyelid, in an opposite direction – to the top.

When you choose for skin care and cosmetics, must pay attention to the composition. It is better not to use creams with lanolin, which is often appear red and noticeable swelling

All of the tools that are used have to be of the appropriate age. If the age may be restricted to herbal extracts and oils, followed by 30-35, it is advisable to choose products that includes harsh substances to improve cell regeneration, elasticity, and collagen production.

Home remedies

If you have the time, it is desirable to have the tone of the skin with easy home remedies. Perfect for the aims of cucumber juice or cucumber slices can be placed on your eyes for about 10 minutes. Vegetables, the pulp is sometimes mixed with a teaspoon of powdered milk. The modern medications are considered to be natural, jojoba, wheat germ, grape seed, or olive oil, which is applied on a small scale.

For a skin inclined to dryness, a mask from an egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey. Leave on the eyes for 7-10 minutes.

Just put up a natural herbal toning lotion with a refreshing effect. Two tablespoons dry powdered chamomile, lemon balm, sage, dill, pour 100 ml of boiled water. Then mix it with two glucose tablets, and one tablet of activated charcoal, 5 drops of glycerin, is filtered through a cheesecloth. The treatment of the skin 2 to 3 times a day. The prepared media were stored in a refrigerator for no longer than one Sunday.